A small percentage of the vintage clothing arriving at our HQ comes complete with its pre-worn damage, such as stains, flaws, blotches, bleach spots, holes and rips – unsaleable, you’d think. BUT we have always believed it possible to repurpose these items to ensure they don't end in landfill. 

And that is why Emma joined our team, to work miracles with this otherwise neglected yet very salvageable section of our stock. She has been reassessing, rethinking, redesigning and restitching these gems we’ve been keeping safe from the start, waiting patiently for their moment to shine. And now, like the fairy tale Ugly Duckling, this innovative collection of truly unique one-of-a-kind clothes items has emerged for us all to gaze at in awe. Domno Reworks is the magic that old clothes can be turned into.

This is our first collection from this project. This reworked vintage Nike sweatshirt is made out of the fabric of two these unsellable vintage sweatshirts with a second hand blank vintage sweatshirt as the base.