How To Express The Y2K Style - Our 10 Go-To Picks For Repping The 2000s Aesthetic


HF Lanzer

2 fast 2 furious - 2000s AestheticsWere you a twentieth or twenty-first century kid? Well, whatever your birth year, you can all relish in the fashions of the Y2K brigade – bright, breezy  and bloomin’ brilliant, boy jump aboard with us to discover those crucial 2000s aesthetic clothes you need in your stockpile!!

What is Y2K Fashion?

So, let’s have a reminder of what and when we are talking about here: Y2K in longhand is Year 2000, which had been anticipated from the end of the 90s, partly with trepidation at the prospect of the never to be realised tech Kaybug finishing us all off for good. But then the millennium arrived amid much razzamatazz and jubilation … and the world did not stop spinning on its axis as some had feared. You will be genuinely amazed at the sheer number of trendy clothes from this late 90s–early 2000s era which are right now back at the top of the clothes must-have list, proving once again that fashion trends never die, they simply hibernate until their next spell in the limelight comes round ;)  

Rihanna 2000s style

Y2K Outfits

Wide-Leg Jeans

You can park your drainpipe and skinny versions of jeans, as what we are after for the 2000s aesthetic is none other than baggy pants, or wide-leg jeans. With a nod to the flares of the seventies, when your mum (and it would have been your mum not your dad in those ol’ days!) did instant upcycling by opening the lower leg seams of your jeans and inserting upside down V pieces of fabric (not necessarily matching!), to steer you back into the embrace of the in-crowd with their flapping wide legged bottoms! Yes, friends, the wide-leg jean has come full circle and is right back in fashion right here, right now! 

Wide legged Jeans - 2000s Aesthetics

Baby Tees

What better way to express the 2000s aesthetic than with a baby tee brazenly declaring your love of the era for all to see? Whether you opt for a graphic baby tee, a Disney baby tee or even a gaudy bedazzling design on your front, a baby tee simply coupled with a pair of wide-leg jeans, will certainly transport you back to the heady days of Y2K as your choice of clothes tells its own story.  

Baby Tees - 2000s Aesthetics


Oversized Sweatshirts

Wow, do we rate the 2000s aesthetic of the oversized sweatshirt. Soooo easy to accomplish – choose a Tommy, Nike, Champion or any brand of your choice and then look for the next size up, the next size after that or even the next size after that to perfect your Y2K look! Double check the sweatshirt is really a 2000s era piece for authenticity, then click to buy and half your look is ready!

oversized sweatshirts - 2000s Aesthetics


Tie Front Crop Tops

No set of clothes aspiring to the Y2k aesthetic is complete without at least one of these stomach-revealing tie front or crop top burners – these trademark pieces are both awesome and defiant yet beautifully uncomplicated to couple with trousers or shorts for an instant 2000s vibe. Put on one of these straight-talking tops to help you step boldly forth to face the brand new world. Girl Power is here to stay, mate!

Tie front crop tops - 2000s Aesthetics

Baguette Bags

No, not an elongated receptacle to store your packed lunch in, the baguette bag is an indispensable current fashion accessory, and believe it or not, it was also trending back in the 90s during the Y2K era. Designer bags have always held allure for fashionistas, and slinging a baguette bag casually over your shoulder as you head out to have fun (or even visit the dentist) will certainly have you admired for your chutzpah. Think Carrie Bradshaw here to know you are in good company.

baguette bag - 2000s aesthetic

Double Denim

We say denim on denim is not a crime against fashion! No, with all the varieties of style, shade and design on offer from the 2000s, denim on denim is an amazing and conscious outfit choice. Look no further than the famous 2001 Spears and Timberlake red carpet double denim appearance. We rest our case.  Once you’ve got your denim jeans sorted, you can start tracking down the perfect Y2K aesthetic shirt or jacket to accompany it. Of course, the brands such as Levi’s and Carhartt spring to mind, but there are also unbranded vintage varieties which are defo worth looking out for.

double denim - 2000s aesthetic

Mini Skirts

The sixties miniskirt made famous by Mary Quant and her love of the mini car, has never fully abandoned us. It is a classic fashion stayer. It was up there back among the 2000s aesthetic desired clothes, as well as now again in 2022, If you are looking for a retro garment which certainly has legs (not literally of course), then a miniskirt is a great place to start. Chances are it could indeed last longer than you may wish to wear it, ut then it turns into the perfect hand-me-down for the next generation!

Mini skirts - 2000s Aesthetics

All Things Shiny

Those who were there to witness the dawn of the millennium and not the termination of the world as many had feared, were certainly ready to party. And the new 2000s era of technology, optimism, innovation and far reaching opportunities was (literally!) reflected in the fashion materials and designs of the day. 2000s aesthetic party clothes demanded a sense of opulence and futurism, so shiny, metallic materials became heavily in demand and lovingly worn. Nightmares of the Kaybug had been vanquished, let the good times roll.

All things shiny - 2000s aesthetic

Velour Tracksuits

Is a velour tracksuit a thing of great beauty or kitschy beyond belief? Whichever side of the argument you sway towards, we think there is nothing as cosy and comforting as the touch of a luxurious velour trackie next to your skin. And that’s just what the world reached for back in the turbulent times of the changing millennium and the uncertainty it brought with it. A touch of luxury is always reassuring and so the velour tracksuit comfortably embedded itself among 2000s aesthetic clothes – forget the imminent end of the world and let’s clothe ourselves head to foot in velour.

Velour tracksuits - 2000s aesthetic



So, the clothes are sorted, the sassy bag is slung over the shoulder, but what about the headwear?! Well, never fear there, as you have a fantastically simple option here to achieve the 2000s aesthetic. Our pick of the crop has to be a bandana worn 90s style. Fashion it across the forehead, in vibrant, matching, silver, eye-catching, rebellious style to establish yourself transformed into the wonderful Y2K days.

bandanas - 2000s Aesthetics


Hard to believe we were all actually partying like it was 1999 back in 1999 during the Y2K era! It was thought by some that the Year 2000 would mark an ending point, but hey, the irrepressible 21st century came bursting into all our lives to give us a wonderful new future of positive, exciting, potential-laden, awesome technological ideas and innovations. The Y2K aesthetic still resonates today, and is definitely worth a backward look as far as its clothes style is concerned, as, like everything, our choice of fashion moves in a forward direction, bringing elements of the past with it.