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The time is here to … step into our world of wowser winter warmers! As the northern hemisphere tilts away from the sun, our collection of unique vintage jacketsgiletsfleeces and cool windbreakers are all waiting patiently on stand-by to help you feel cosy and warm, once the looming chill arrives.

Initial autumnal signs of cooler climes ahead should act as a big heads-up, so, as with our kilo sale messaging, Everything You Need To Know About Vintage Kilo Sales, the early bird really does catch the worm when it comes to copping a one-of-a-kind vintage winter jacket or coat. Online stores need a look-in well before you reach for your fleecy bed-socks left languishing in your bottom drawer, and if you are serious about tracking down that one banger which will keep you toasty warm and looking freshly cool all winter long, why not swing by our blog today for where to buy inspo.

If budgets are feeling stretched after a summer of holidaying and fun, our top tip here, is to head first to the Sale section: last year’s coats and jackets may be available here at a discounted price, and with vintage fashion simply never going out of fashion, we say, it is time to see what is already there.

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Our Best 13 Vintage Jackets and Coats

A vintage winter coat or jacket may be a one-off and larger purchase than most, so check Where to Buy Affordable Vintage Clothing first to see if you can help yourself save a few pennies in the search for a reasonably priced vintage item of outerwear. There certainly is a wealth of variations on a theme in the marketplace for vintage jackets and coats, but looking in on the ‘Coats & Jackets’ section of any second-hand retailer would be the best way to pick up a fresh vintage piece for yourself. As we are reluctant to nail the one and only best ever vintage jacket you must go and buy, we’d prefer to introduce you to the 13 favs that we rate highly

13. 90s Ralph Lauren Harrington Jacket

A staple piece, the Harrington which Ralph Lauren has been manufacturing for decades, can readily be found from many a vintage retailer in beige, navy, black as well as a more unusual shade of green, mustard or purple. Not the warmest fella on the rail, granted, but how about finishing off a baggy outfit with a natty Harrington, when it’s the layers which count? Check our Oversized Outfits blog and also, don’t forget, that not every winter day requires polar style protection!

vintage Ralph Lauren harrington jacket

    12. The North Face Denali Fleece Jacket

    The North Face Denali is a distinctive fleece jacket, which comes in a range of colours and sizes, with its USP simply being that it bestows warmth on the wearer! It is a cosy, comfy, snuggle down kinda jacket, which goes in the washing machine and comes out looking fresh and fluffy each time. Easy care, easy confident winter wear, this one!

    The North Face Denali Fleece Jacket

    11. 90s Nike ACG Puffer Jacket

    Nike has never been inclined to name its products, but the vintage 90s Nike ACG Puffer Jacket range is one of our favs. Nike created a host of designs across the decades, and just take a look at the jacket pictured here to see the quality and thickness that comes with the ACG line. As a unique winter coat, we feel this one is unreal.

    vintage 90s Nike ACG Puffer Jacket

    10. Sleeve Design Tommy Hilfiger Jacket

    Going for a slightly less warm jacket than the ACG, this Tommy Hilfiger stunner certainly wears its heart proudly on its sleeve! The writing down the arm is the marker of a vintage classic, and certainly not one to be missed.

    Sleeve Design Tommy Hilfiger Jacket

    9. Patagonia Thin Puffer Jacket

    On the whole, Patagonia don’t usually offer the thickest of downy puffery jackets, but this stylish and snappy overjacket will certainly keep you dry and warm through the winter season. As with the Harrington earlier, it is important not to see this jacket as a solo item, but rather as part of a winning winter warm outfit. Underlayers, mid layers, as well as accessories such as scarves and hats, can all contribute to the level of warmth required.

     Patagonia Thin Puffer Jacket

    8. Classic 90s Ralph Lauren Puffer Jacket

    You can’t beat the no-nonsense classic which is this 90s Ralphy Puffer Jacket. Here is a vintage jacket with an inbuilt guarantee of top quality and durability. It is a simple piece for every occasion, but can be repped in a multitude of ways, ensuring the lucky wearer will never tire of it. See our blog How To Wear An Oversized Jacket if you’re unconvinced!

    Classic 90s Ralph Lauren Puffer Jacket

    7. 90s–early 00s Nike Puffer Jacket

    Nike has never chosen to name their individual collections, but any of their Puffer Jackets made in the 90s to early 00s are straight heaters. Take a look at Everything You Need to Know About Vintage Nike to find out more about identifying vintage Nike labels, so you  avoid the fakes and choose, armed with knowledge on your side. Here are some examples for starters:

    7. 90s–early 00s Nike Puffer Jacket

    6. Vintage Polo Sport Puffer Jacket

    Cousin to the Ralph Lauren Classic above, just with a little more flair …

    Vintage Polo Sport Puffer Jacket

    5. Early 00s Nike Gilet

    Gilets really are the go-to piece for comforting warmth, as they are cool yet warm, stylish yet practical, trad yet apart from the crowd – they’ve got the lot! Any 00s gilet branded with the simple swoosh on a block colour really is worth its salt, so take a lookie here:

    Vintage Nike Gilet Puffer Jacket

    4. Vintage Racing Jackets

    A crazy design emblazoned on a vintage racing jacket is a sure-fire way to get people looking your way with barely disguised admiration … cop one and wear one today, if you dare!

    Vintage Racing Jackets

    3. The North Face 700 Gilet

    We rate this one, The North Face Gilet, just a notch higher than the Nike Gilet from earlier. The TNF Gilet really is a great lil winter throw-on jacket and gives the wearer so many options to dress up dress down and generally dress in vintage style!

    The North Face 700 Gilet

    2. Carhartt Detroit Jacket

    The super sturdy material here, coupled with a layer of cotton on the inside, this Carhartt Jacket is fashionable, sustainable, functional and, fanfare please, currently really hot stuff! This jacket in particular is the perfect accompaniment to many an outfit if it’s the aura of workwear style you’re craving.

    Carhartt Detroit Jacket

    1. The North Face 700 Nuptse Puffer Jacket

    Saving the best till last, this iconic Puffer Jacket comes in sooo many colourways, it just sells itself year after year! But, retailing new at £300+, picking up a vintage pre-loved edition for half the price has to be a winner. Advertised as ‘emanating streetwear luxury’, we have to agree, so time to find your piece of TNF opulence nestling within one of your fav vintage retailers.

    The North Face 700 Nuptse Puffer Jacket


    In case you have not guessed, we here at Domno HQ just love the snappier air approaching our shores, and we hope you will be able to make the most of the season with one of our vintage coats or jackets topping off your outfit. So, all we ask of you now, folks, is to agree you need to start your search for your winter warmer today to avoid ending up as a feathered friend without a tasty morsel to your name!

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