Why is Oversized Clothing Trendy?


HF Lanzer

vintage oversized styleSuggs knew what he was singing about back in the 80s and, once hip-hoppers took his Baggy Trousers riff a step further forward with their oversized and confident ‘look at ME’ outfits, there was no going back. And believe it or not, in the nature of all things circular fashion, presenting yourself in oversized clothing has returned to the forefront of today’s trending list. And it really would be Madness to ignore this amazingly liberating and loving look!


Let’s look at what we are actually talking about as far as the loose (no pun intended) term ‘oversized’ is concerned when it comes to discussing trendy apparel. The kind and giving oversized partner or older (i.e. bigger!) sibling sweatshirt or joggers can be as slouchy and generously proportioned all over the place as you like, but some oversized items, such as T-shirts, hoodies and shirts do well with a little gentle guiding towards the style we’re aiming to capture: think of it as your collection of carefully curated casual cool clothes, rather than the instant credentials provided by multiple XXXXXX on the label.


So, we are looking for clothes which are certainly larger than your normal size and lacking any trace of a descriptor such as ‘fitted’, ‘tapered’, ‘tailored’ or horror of horrors ‘slim fit’, but which will still appear to have enough shape and form to them to avoid an unwanted and rapid descent into slobwear. Our recommended starting point for this, has to be the vintage rails crammed full of quality threads, which will tick all the boxes in the search for your collection of oversized clothes.


vintage oversized style

How oversized clothing came back in style

Streetwear has become increasingly popular, and streetwear typically relies on oversized clothing for its indie non-mainstream appeal. There are enormous benefits to dressing in something oversized, not least of which is the comfort level it instantly affords. Just the term ‘oversized’ makes you breathe out contentedly in anticipation of not only looking, but also feeling great in your cosy independent choice of garms. Think of an oversized outfit as lounging on a soft and embracing sofa while chilling with your chums, rather than being trussed up in formal clothing while perched on a hard-backed upright chair.


So, think Loose v Pinched, Cosy v Tailored, Free v Sculpted and Flowing v Constrained. Take your pick, and if it is the first choice of these four options you relate to, read on! 


vintage oversized style

Why is oversized clothing back in style?

Oversized clothing shouts comfort from the rooftops, and coming out of a pandemic where a lot of time has been spent at home, folk these days are reluctant to return to the uncomfortable formal clothing constraints demanded by the former ‘normal’ life, if they can help it. Who doesn’t prefer to enjoy a hearty evening out with friends, and not feel the regret creeping up as the belt tightens around your waist midway during the yummy dessert? NO, we say loose fitting garms allow for pleasure and more pleasure without any guilt. Of course, your pair of flow-fit trackies for the next day’s exercise session are a different matter altogether!


vintage oversized style

One of the best things about dressing in an oversized outfit, is the fact that it looks undeniably super cool, as well as somewhat out there and edgy. An oversized outfit, or even one item, adds an air of sophistication and wonderfully enables the wearer to style their own unique unisex look – it is this somewhat ambiguous and indie dressing style we are looking for you to catch with a vintage oversized piece (or two). Simply by adopting a carefully chosen oversized outfit, you can avoid having yourself pigeon-holed into the ‘conformity box’ of dress so admired by current day algorithms.


Oversized clothes are trending high these days as these outfits are casual but still give a fresh look – even vintage designer wear is available, so those seeking a certain brand for their clothes, can still find it in the vintage section. In fact, vintage oversized clothes are really popular, as they give a classy and elegant finish with comfort deeply ingrained. No need to buy new – it’s all out there already!

Why is oversized clothing trendy?

So, to sum up, the key features and advantages of wearing oversized clothes include:

  1. Super comfy – think hoodies, tracksuit bottoms and t-shirts
  2. Trendy, hence looks stylish – think shirts, sweaters and puffer jackets
  3. They don’t make you feel constrained – think cargo trousers, windbreaker jacket and long-sleeved tees
  4. Easy to style – think polos, rugby shirts and crop tops.


vintage oversized style


More details on oversized clothes

It is worth noting that oversized clothes as a style, do require some putting together and carrying off, so you don’t emerge drowning in your clothes and hard to find in among the swarming layers of cloth. Look to our blog on how to style an oversized T-shirts for ideas of how you can carry off this look effectively. A little effort goes a long way to rescue cosy comfy outfits from the realms of ‘where have you gone?’ apparel.


If oversized clothing started trending with Baggy Trousers back in the 80s, travelled through hip-hop culture, on to baggy sweatshirts and wide-legged jeans in Y2K days and seamlessly continued on to streetwear, then pandemic comfort, there really is no limit to the items you can rock which are not your traditional size, and there are no barriers to the items you can wear ‘BIG’.


As far as we’re concerned, go big, go baggy, but always keep an eye on the end result and seek to maintain a cool and relaxed form to your oversized vintage look.