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It may seem a bit of a ‘teach your grandmother to suck eggs’ moment here, as we host a blog telling YOU how to be … well, YOU, but sometimes a little gentle steerage and discussion can give you the confidence, if needed, to step forth in a truly unique way. After all, there really is only one you, so time to release your one and only fashion style.

After maybe years of being told to ‘fit in’, ‘join the crowd’, ‘be like the in-crew’, now it is time to release yourself from this pressure and learn, or continue, to be your own beautiful self, repping the clothes you choose to rep, exactly as you choose to style them. There is so much in life we all have little control over, and with the mounting pressures of social media, celebrity culture, and photo opps wherever you turn, how refreshing must it be, to say NO. I am me and this is how I dress, as ME @me!


Unique fashion styles

Where To Start

Regardless of what style you go for, you have to feel confident and comfortable in whatever you wear! If you’re putting on garms that you know just aren’t you, as they make you feel inhibited and self-conscious in any way, then it’s time, my friend, to choose something else. There really is no point in not feeling at home in an outfit! The sweet spot is nailing the style with your confidence level, as that’s where you wanna be. This blog will show you lots of different styles you can try out, so be our guest and try them all out, mix‘n’match included, until you find the one that reflects YOU!

How To Find Inspiration

Finding inspo is the key first step in developing your unique fashion style. If you don’t know where to start, just be minded that there is a difference between imitation and taking inspo. Make sure you do not copy someone else’s style, but instead take some pick and mix inspo for yourself. It is YOU you are styling after all, not a third party.

Instagram Inspiration

  • We live in an Insta world, so where better to start than immersing yourself in this mahussive and freely available catalogue of style images from across the globe?
  • By using the Explore page to follow fashion pages on Instagram, you instantly have a top way to start gathering inspo.
  • Save posts when you like the style being worn by the person and, soon enough, you should begin to see a trend emerging in your saved searches. Write down these common themes, such as ‘relaxed style’ or ‘neutrals’ and try sticking to these when sourcing new items to buy for your own look.

Pinterest Inspiration

  • Pinterest is another go-to place for finding fashion inspo, in our opinion, so take a gander there, maybe searching for something broad, such as ‘female fashion outfits’ and then narrowing your terms from there.
  • Again, use the Instagram technique above of saving any pages, which catch your eye and you will slowly start to build a personal board.

Real Life Inspiration

  • Don’t forget the REAL people you come across every day – they are an invaluable and free source of inspo. Other people are perfect for seeing how an outfit looks in real life and, even better, how you would improve upon it for your unique style. Don’t walk around with your eyes glued to a screen when there is such a wealth of inspo freely available from your front door.
  • Keeping your eyes peeled when out and about as well as seeing what your friends are wearing are both super useful when it comes to developing your own style. Nothing wrong with grabbing some inspo from those closest to you!


Streetwear vintage fashion style

Dress Outside Of The Box

Using the inspiration points above to find that style you like, is certainly a great first step, but don’t start putting yourself in a box straight away, where you ONLY rep clothes that match your narrow criteria. You don’t want to get stuck in a mindset where your style is ‘oversized streetwear’, for example, to the exclusion of any other items, so everything you wear HAS to be oversized streetwear. It is good sticking to a general style for the most part, but maybe one day you want to wear a fitted summer shirt – sticking to the one style only would rule this out.


Dungarees and vintage style

Keep It Simple

Once you have some solid foundation ideas and an understanding of the sort of style and vibe you’re after, we’d recommend starting off by keeping it simple. Focus on the basics, such as the fit and quality of the clothing, as this will give you a better understanding of what fits best for you and your body shape. Once you’re happy and comfortable in that area, then you can start experimenting further. Again, confidence is King!


Simple fashion outfits

You Do You

Remember, that fashion is not about right or wrong. It is a further element reflecting your personality. There is only one you, so regard your fashion as being all about you and only you, too! Everybody welcomes diversity of taste in music, films, TV shows, foods, holiday destinations, friends … so why not clothes too?

Once you’ve got the style that you love, as it works for you and you feel confident in it, don’t then be swayed or disheartened by other people’s opinions. Their style is theirs. Yours is yours – this is the beauty of life! There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to fashion, so if you’ve found a style that you like, just because it’s not someone else’s cup of tea, don’t worry. You are no more wrong in your fashion style, than they really are wrong in dissing it! It’s called the freedom to express yourself as an individual, and it is a concept we should all be celebrating.


Unique fashion outfit

Have Fun With Fashion

Don’t feel glum if your new ‘Me Look’ isn’t happening overnight, as it may take time to perfect the style as you’d best like, but along the way you can certainly have a lot of fun with achieving this. Fashion is a groovy, fun hobby you can continually develop and enjoy, and your ideas and thoughts will change over time, as your fashion style will. It is not a static element. You cannot ignore what is going on all around yourself and within your circle of friends, but still you can always make sure your fashion is working for and with you, to allow yourself to be the best version of you possible!

5 men styles to take Inspo from:

90s Vintage Style

Vintage fashion style men

Minimalist Style

Minimalistic style men

Skater Style

Skaet style men


Techwear men

Fancy Style 

Fancy outfits men

5 women styles to take Inspo from:

Chic Style

Chic style women


Women streetwear looks

Grunge Style

Grunge style women

Vintage style

Vintage style women

The casual look

Casual look women


When considering how to start and continue developing your unique fashion style, just spare a cautionary thought for the ostentatious clothes-obsessed Emperor and his fabled New Clothes – the flattery and fake advice given by others led to his completely misguided wardrobe choice. How much better it would have been for him to trust in himself and come up with his own personal take on a cool outfit to thrill the crowds …. for all the right reasons!

So, this conclusion is completely down to and up to YOU. Take advice, gather inspo, check the looks being repped elsewhere, but please, please, please, be true to yourself and style a look which cannot be imitated by others as it is completely and utterly and all about the one and only …. the unique YOU.

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