Domno Vintage began life in 2016 with Dom (that’s me!) selling a much loved but sadly outgrown pink Ralph Lauren polo shirt on Depop (you can scroll to the bottom of our Depop page for proof!). From this, I then embarked on my journey of selling vintage clothing on Depop. I was fired up by the process and would regularly spend 6+ hours a day cycling around southwest London to trawl through the charity shops discovering little nuggets of gold, which everyone else had overlooked! Ahhh, the good ol’ days …

My amazing sister, Alice, then came to my rescue in 2019 with her Ford KA which we stuffed full of clothes and rails to start hustling at London’s Portobello Market. Our mission every weekend was to wake up at 5am so we could set up shop for the slow, mainly cold and mostly unprofitable day ahead! During this time, I had also ‘designed’ a pitiful Wix website and then quickly replaced it by a pretty decent Squarespace number that had sales quite literally drizzling in.

I then turned my attention to Instagram, preferring the idea of a warmer environment in which to sell my wares, and this proved to be pretty successful, with Giveaways the main way Domno gained followers and traction. From there, this puppy grew and grew, and it wasn’t long before I was taking up nearly all the square footage in the family home! Nobody could move without tripping over a Nike spellout or slipping on a North Face puffer lying about somewhere.

My bedroom became the HQ and, having replaced all furniture with rails of clothes, I decamped to sleep in our garden shed. I have no idea how my mum and dad coped and I’m sure they were relieved when Domno finally headed off to a spacious warehouse on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent in 2020. Now, I am happily nested with my two brilliant employees selling all this vintage fire you see on the site today!

My main reason for starting the business back in 2016, was really to make a quick buck in my freetime while studying for an engineering BTEC at Kingston College.

Today, the business may have grown hugely, but at Domno Vintage, we still obsess about the two key pillars which we have always held true, which are to:

  1. keep fashion personal and unique, and
  2. sell clothing in a way that is sustainable 

Our clothing, when it’s doing its job properly, should enable you, our customer, to express yourself truly and make you feel special in the process. Sometimes, that may be dressing up for an occasion, but mostly, it’s a matter of trying to help you capture whatever that authentic ‘you’ really is. 

Additionally, our clothing should be something that lasts. As part of the vintage and circular fashion movement, we know there’s a whole lot of quality out there already; our task is to help you find it, then to deliver high-quality, carefully crafted and tended items to you as seamlessly as possible. 

We have a long way to go yet, but we are embracing every minute of the journey, and hope you all love the clothes we find and show you each and every day!

Keep Shopping Smart, Shopping Sustainably,

Dominic White, CEO