How To Style Vintage T-Shirts In 2023



Vintage T-Shirt Streetwear Outfit

Here at Domno, we're all about the Vintage – quite literally. So, what better item of clothing to explore for starters than the all-time classic, a ‘Vintage T-shirt'? Timelessly cool, effortlessly easy/casual and a must-have for every wardrobe (no matter its style), this is why you need a vintage T-shirt ... and if you already own one, this is why you need another! We're going to explore both how to style the iconic piece and how to incorporate it easily into your existing wardrobe, so it will quickly become an indispensable piece that you'll wish you had always had alongside.  

Why the Vintage T-shirt?

Among all the pre-loved fashion items out there, you might be wondering, Domno, a T-shirt, really?! Well, yes, loyal readers, really. We take the Vintage T-shirt game very seriously indeedee and here are our reasons why we think you should too:  

It’s Vintage, duh.

Through buying a vintage T-shirt, not only are you helping the environment by engaging in circular shopping but you are also refusing to contribute to the frankly shocking impact that the manufacture of endless collections of new, new, new garments has on the planet. And the bonus ball here, my friends, is that you look cool while doing it. Vintage shopping is becoming increasingly popular, which is fortunate for us and hugely beneficial to you as a conscious shopper! If you can look dressed to the teeth in a vintage tee, while doing your bit for climate change, why wouldn’t you? Also, if you're asking us, new tees just don’t have the same effect as a good ol’ T-shirt with its own grit and history. 

The Vintage T-shirt lives and breathes adaptability

One of the many admirable qualities of the simplistic silhouette a T-shirt bestows on its wearer, is that, however you identify, whatever your style and whatever the occasion or season, it can work for you. A T-shirt knows no gender boundaries, can easily flip among multiple styles and be dressed-up or dressed-down to suit. Whether you're a hard-core skater , into your 90s or want to channel your inner chic, you can easily make a vintage t-shirt work with any number of outfit styles and accessory choices. 

A Vintage T-Shirt is not going to break the bank

Here at Domno, we’re all fashion enthusiasts, which undoubtedly comes hand-in-hand with us investing our hard-earned dosh back into some pretty cool clothing pieces to share with you. But we are well aware that sometimes, after that eagerly awaited post-shopping buzz, a slightly guilty twang of spending more than you think is too much can cloud the skies. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. And while we are strong advocates for spending more on quality pieces that you're gonna adore, this doesn’t always have to be the case with a Vintage T-shirt. You can get a solid piece at a very modest price, and if you want to treat yourself and splash out on an extra unique number, there's that option too! Don’t believe us ... check our range of T-shirts. Go on, we dare you. 

Vintage tee aesthetic

Styling the Vintage T-shirt 

Now on to the fun part ... how to style the piece that we have just been praising. A we said earlier, the T-shirt is a garment with oh-so-many possibilities, so to truly give you an idea of how to make the vintage tee work for you, we're not going to slack on the style tips. You’re welcome!  

1. The “Oh, you think I look cool? I just chucked this on in two seconds” kinda outfit ... 

This one is pretty self-explanatory. You want to look cool and laid-back effort-free, and the T-shirt is going to get you there. Style with a pair of baggy jeansoversized cargos or, if it's on the sunny side, some baggy shorts. Add a pair of statement trainers to match your aesthetic (we’re thinking Jordans if you're a street-style enthusiast, maybe a pair of Vans if you're channeling your inner skater), a cap/tote bag and off you go, skate, jog … Want to elevate the look quickly? Chuck on a few rings and a chain and people really won't believe you got ready in FIVE minutes ...  well, we hope. This look can be repeated ad infinitum as an algorithm for those lazy mornings when you just can't be bothered to create something new. The Vintage T-shirt always has your back.  

Vintage Baggy tees


Want the look right this very moment? Well, Domno has a range of Vintage T-shirts to supply your every need. But our personal favourite has to be this Duff Tee. I mean. How. Cool. Is. That. Watch out Marge, we’re coming for your man!

2. Oh Gorp-core, you beauty

You heard it here first. We love Gorp-core. Gorp-core loves Domno. It’s a very loving relationship. Do you know what else Gorp-core loves? The Vintage T-shirt. The base to any Gorp-core look, (whether you're climbing a mountain or just sitting on your sofa contemplating it) is a T-shirt. We opt for something on the simple side here – think a plain white vintage Nike number paired with a utility vest or windbreaker, cargos and Salomon's. Layers work with this look and if the utility vest isn't your thing, a plaid shirt works every bit as well. Get your lumberjack on and see how we styled our own Gorp-core fit here!  

vintage gorp core outfit

3. Let’s get classy. 

This is where it gets serious. A Vintage T-shirt isn't just a casual item, and you certainly shouldn’t write it off for a classier gig. Roaming the streets of Europe? Vintage T-shirt. Got to get suited and booted? Vintage T-shirt. Got to meet the parents? Impress with a Vintage band T-shirt to remind them of their glory days. Just take a look ...  

vintage band tshirt outfit

This look is super cute and easy to repeat. If you’re not a fan of the silhouette and want something a little more fitted for the occasion, you can always wear a sports bra underneath the tee and tuck the front of the shirt to show off some mid-riff. Trainers, ballet pumps, loafers or mules – depending on how chic you're feeling – all work perfectly.  

vintage blazer and tshirt outfit 

And here we have the iconic suit and T-shirt combo. Working for all genders, the inclusion of the Vintage T-shirt immediately adds an edge of cool to what can otherwise be a pretty predictable and staid look. A cropped or up-cycled tee would add a further funky element here, especially when combined with a classic vintage belt.  

Let’s conclude

Well, there you go, we did it. The Vintage T-shirt really is an all-round winner. If it were a person, it would drive everyone crazy through its ability to be good at absolutely everything with minimal effort included. So, if you don’t already have a vintage tee, we encourage you to have a look around for one and work out how to make this piece a bit of you. The possibilities really are as endless as they are exciting.  

Until next time,  

Shop consciously,  

Domno Vintage x  

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