All You Need To Know About Vintage Clothing Mystery Boxes


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Vintage ✅ Clothing ✅ Mystery ✅ Box ✅ This exciting service really does tick all the boxes! Everyone loves a mystery and the Domno Vintage Clothing Mystery Box has been specially developed to provide you with exactly that piece of razzamatazz, out-there uniqueness, ‘where did you get that, bro?’ clothing your wardrobe has been silently crying out for. Of course, subdued hues and neutral colours are also available!

Back in Victorian times, ‘Bags of Mystery’ were how strings of sausages were bigged up for sale, but here in 21st century life, our vintage clothing mystery boxes really are far from the mundane and everyday! Instead, these Mystery Boxes of the unknown provide an exciting twist for online vintage shopping, as they cleverly take things to the next level. If you’re one of our mega vintage fans, the bonus here is that you may well come away with a steal.

What is a Domno Vintage Clothing Mystery Box?

Each of our Vintage Clothing Mystery Boxes is individually curated to provide you with a t-shirt or a jacket or a sweatshirt/hoodie or even an entire outfit – your choice – without you having to trawl through our dizzying array of big hitters. It really does take the stress of online decision-making away, and in the capable hands of our vintage-crazy team, we aim to send you precisely the item(s) you will love. So, take the challenge and join our DVMB crew (as we affectionately call our Domno Vintage Mystery Box customers) and indulge in a spot of vintage clothing mystery box shopping today!

Still not convinced? Read on to find out more about the current wave of vintage clothing mystery boxes available.


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What is a Vintage Clothing Mystery Box?

A mystery box is chiefly a product you order online (99% of the time) without knowing exactly which items you will receive. There are generally different types on offer, such as a ‘sweatshirt’ mystery box, a multiple item mystery box or even a completely random lucky dip box and the item(s) could well be of significantly greater value than that advertised.

Why Choose a Vintage Clothing Mystery Box?

Maybe you …

  • Are suffering from smartphone finger fatigue and just want a piece or two of vintage clothing delivered to your home without any hassle
  • Are confident that vintage experts are best placed to select what you’ll love
  • Are a thrill seeker who loves every element of surprise!
  • Want more bang for your buck
  • Favour a refreshingly easy piece of Click, Cop, Keep shopping
  • Welcome the risk of potentially receiving an expensive piece for a fraction of the price, as you gleefully spin the wheel of fortune!


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How Does a Subscription Vintage Clothing Mystery Box Work?

Along with other sellers, we offer a subscription service on all our mystery boxes. This entitles the subscriber to receive specially selected clothing tailored to them every or every other month, which is the ideal way to build and grow a personalised unique vintage collection.

Here are some handy details to de-mystify the DV subscription box:

  • You can cancel or change your subscription at any time
  • We shoot you a message each time your box is gonna be prepared, so you can notify us of any changes you’d like
  • You can request different box combos each month, ie shorts instead of jeans
  • Active subscriptions auto-charge for the box you initially subscribed to
  • If you change the box type (ie from jacket to outfit) we will refund or charge any difference in cost, or you can simply cancel and subscribe to a different box yourself
  • Unwanted or mis-fitting items can be returned for either a refund or replacement


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Where Can I Buy a Vintage Clothing Mystery Box?

It is really important you know exactly where you are buying your vintage clothing mystery box from! A lot of sites will use their mystery box as a loss leader to clear old stock, so make sure to read customer reviews and have a look at the stock being sold on the site in the first place, to get a better understanding of the sort of style you might be receiving.

There are many online vintage stores currently offering boxes of mystery, so here’s a few of our picks for you to digest, in no particular order, of course:

What Can I Expect to Receive From a Vintage Clothing Mystery Box?

  • Bulls Eye, my vintage friend, you’ve hit the nail on the head! The uncertainty of the vintage clothing mystery box is its very raison d’être!  
  • The whole point of a clothing mystery box is, that you just don’t know what lies within.
  • Some mystery boxes are obvious, whereas others will be completely random.
  • We offer an outfit box, where you can narrow your requirements within seven varieties of outfit combos, so you know to expect a hoodie, t-shirt and jeans in your selected combo, for example.
  • Sometimes a mystery box might offer a general £100 box, containing three unspecified items, which could possibly include shorts, tee and a puffer jacket – you just don’t know until you open it!


Trousers Vintage Mystery Box

Is a Vintage Clothing Mystery Box Worth it?

  • Sadly, this is an unanswerable ‘how long is a piece of string’ kinda question – the worth of a mystery box comes entirely down to the contents of the one you receive.
  • So, sometimes a mystery box will be more than worth it whereas other times, you may feel slightly disappointed.
  • You can always help steer your mystery box, if you want to avoid receiving complete personal no-nos in the mix! If there is no space in which to indicate your preferences or ‘please avoid at all costs’, we strongly recommend firing off a message to the seller at the time of buying, stating your preferences/dislikes in the areas of colour, style, brand, era etc.


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Who does The Best Vintage Clothing Mystery Box?

Well, that’s not for us to say! If you’re willing to shop around all the vintage stores, then you can make a judgment yourself!


We hope this focused look-in on the Mystery Box has both informed and reassured you about the ins and outs of this new arrival on the online vintage shopping scene. We would love you to join our growing band of DVMB customers and help run with this innovative way of online vintage clothing shopping, so if you feel now’s the time to give it a whirl and see where that fickle finger of fortune lands for you, welcome aboard!

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