Where To Buy Indie Clothes - Our 9 Go-To Sites For Expressing Your Individual Look


HF Lanzer

Indie clothes from the 2000sSearching for that vintage steal can be like looking for the proverbial lil’ pointed object in a haystack! Well, we have put together a list of nine top sites to help steer you directly to that indie jacket, gilet or jumper you want in your wardrobe – rather than clicking like crazy and landing empty handed in a cul-de-sac

1. Beyond Retro

We love the guys at Beyond Retro! They have good old bricks and mortar stores in the UK and Sweden, as well as an awesome online site for customers around the globe. Students will defo want to check out their discount to help them dress even more economically for lectures in their range of indie jeans and hoodies.

Beyond Retro

2. True Vintage

The True Vintage website is jam packed with coats, sweatshirts, accessories and basically anything indie you might like to put on! The website is a clear and comprehensive starting point for the retro hunter, who may well get so deeply involved with all the treasures on display they never get beyond #2 on this page! But then they would miss...

True Vintage

3. Thrifted

The team at Thrifted provides a wealth of branded vintage items for sale, including the likes of Nike T-shirts, Adidas shorts and Champion joggers, as well as thought-provoking blogs and articles to help you sift the wheat from the chaff as far as indie shopping is concerned. 


4. Rokit Vintage

Definitely worth a click to view the full range, we recommend Rokit Vintage for their quirky variety of styles and applaud their way of helping to steer peeps away from fast fashion shopping habits with their unmissable ranges. The indie fleeces and knitwear on their site will certainly help you stand out from the crowd! Rokit Vintage


5. Depop

Which indie hunter among us hasn’t dabbled in the global Depop marketplace? This amazing egalitarian sales channel, beloved by youngsters and err… well the not so youngsters … maintains a strong and loyal follower base. SOooo many trousers, shirts, polos for sale from soooo many sellers, you can’t fail to find that indie piece you were (or didn’t even know you were) looking for. Depoppers – we salute you! Depop

6. Rick’s Retro

The range from Rick’s Retro is but a click away, and the indie searcher will instantly be rewarded by the variety of men’s and women’s clothes available. Rick’s showcases sportswear, and our eye was particularly drawn to the selection of windbreaker sweatshirts available. We all agree, Rick’s Retro is the perfect place to find le top juste!

Ricks Retro 


7. Ragstock

Even if you are not US based to visit a Ragstock store, you can nonetheless benefit from their range and ideas to support your indie wardrobe. We are particularly drawn to their Vintage section, where many familiar brands and styles of pants, tops and coats are available – but you can bet your bottom dollar, there will be something here nobody else has yet found! Rag Stock Vintage


8. Deadstock Vintage

Deadstock’s streetwear selection is a gem of an indie website, with a refreshing choice of key brands and eras for all keen swag hunters to select from. They have an outerlayer for every occasion – be it a puffer, Harrington or denim jacket, we feel your odds of finding the right one are improved with this site. We can’t think that any visitor here will come away disappointed.

Deadstock Vintage 


9. Restated Vintage

This is a site principally recommended for our antipodean retro hunters, as this Australian site really is too good to click past. European customers may be wary about shipping their unique indie sweater half way around the globe, but having said that, if you are shopping from the southern hemisphere, this is certainly too good a site to overlook. Restated Vintage

The Takeaway...

We hope this wider look at our fellow sellers also offering one of one vintage clothing items has been a useful read and will inspire you to widen or pinpoint your search accordingly. Whatever you decide to do, please keep looking – that indie steal is just a click (or two) away!