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90s fashion has a nerve! It simply refuses to be remaindered along with the back catalogue eye-openers of ‘has-been fashion busters we once loved’, and shines as brightly 30 years on, as it did back in the age of Rugrats, Friends and watching a grown man cry over a World Cup fixture! Yes, the 90s had it all! Of course, back in the 90s, everyone was awaiting the turn of the century and eyes were all turned towards this exciting new dawning. Check out our Where To Find Y2K Clothes blogs for details of clothing to wear from this specific chunk of the decade in question. 90s fashion has such an enduring quality, which speaks for itself, as it continues to float the boat of many a modern day dude. 90s threads are certainly not duds, we say!


Vintage 90s Style

The number of websites happy to supply the iconic fashions of the 90s era continue to proliferate, and this can mean it’s not always sooo easy to locate a genuine 90s fleece or tracksuit, for example, in among all the modern day counterparts and replicas. ‘All, I want is a 90s tee’, you say with growing impatience  – how difficult can that possibly be!!?

Well, team Domno, we’re here to help, so take a look along our list of top outlets and a selection of online stores where you can buy classy picks from this wannawear era. Armed with our double list, you can take a nostalgic trip down the 90s memory lane to emerge in brilliant kit and dance along to one of those fave nineties beats from Britney, Justin or Meatloaf, to name but a few!

In this blog, we will be discussing first the best general places where you can find top 90s fashion and then following this with a targeted list of our favourite 8 best online stores to buy from!

How to Know a Piece of Fashion Really is from the 90s

  1. The label will tell you a lot for starters. USA manufactured garments are very 90s, so if it says ‘Made in USA’ on the tag, chances are this is almost certainly a piece from the 90s or before. China, India or Pakistan manufactured clothes can also come from the 90s, though, so check against points 2–6 to confirm whether it is an authentic 90s piece or not.
  2. The quality of the label. If the label is thick and not printed on, it’s a good sign that the item is old and potentially from the 90s. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but one to notice, along with the other considerations in this guide.
  3. Single stitched t-shirts. If there is only one row of stitching around the sleeves and bottom hem of a t-shirt, then it has been manufactured before the 00s, so potentially in the 90s.
  4. The fabric composition tag. Fabric blends, such as ‘20% rayon/80% linen’ tend to be modern, whereas 100% composition fabrics point to a 90s product. This is an indicator of heritage, not a hard and fast rule, as many modern brands also make their items with unblended fabrics.
  5. Use your good friend and 90s early arrival on the scene, the world wide web! You should be able to find the item’s prints and the tag details just by popping these into any search engine – this should take you a long way to authenticating your piece of 90s fashion.
  6. Ask the store owner! If you don’t ask, you don’t get info, and who is better placed to know the true vintage of your purchase, other than the very person selling it to you?!

Our a–g of 90s Fashion Outlets

With so many venues selling vintage fashion today, we’ve taken a closer look at them on your behalf, so sit back and read our suggestions for vintage go-to destinations to get you started on your hunt for that iconic 90s beaut:

a. Specialist Vintage Shops

From Folkestone to Manchester and on up to Edinburgh, you’ll be amazed how many specialist vintage stores have sprung up, as the retro bandwagon makes its march ever forwards. Some of these outlets may be pop-ups or some may be permanent, so always check the opening hours before you make a physical journey to visit these sellers. Disappointment could await the seeker who has not done their homework adequately! Chances are, the owners of these premises are every bit as crazy about vintage fashion from across the key eras as you and we are, so if it is info you are after about the provenance of the items on sale, this is defo the place to head to.


Vintage store

b. High Street Shops Vintage Departments

Increasingly, high street retail shops are accommodating a vintage section among their offerings, and these niche sections are worth visiting to assess the stock at first hand and see if there is a 90s number lurking among the rails. We can’t guarantee the staff will be vintage vets, so go prepared to analyse the goods on a one by one basis yourself, armed with our handy 1–6 guide above.

 Vintage store

c. Vintage Markets, Fairs and Pop-ups

Second-hand, already-worn, worn again, pre-loved, vintage clothes fairs and local events are appearing everywhere, as sustainable fashion focuses many a mind on the true impact of all our clothing choices. In our opinion, these sales are definitely worth checking out, if there is one near you. They are often advertised locally or on social media sites, so doing a search for one of these is a great idea before highlighting the date in your diary; sales like these are often one-offs, so you gotta be snappy! Some of these events may include a kilo sale approach, whereby you can purchase a selection of random vintage items at a very reasonable cost. Other markets take a railed individual approach, which might be a better option if you specifically wish to source a 90s pair of shorts or a jacket, rather than a general bag of fashion.


Vintage Fair UK

d. Thrift Stores

Don’t dismiss the offerings at your local drop-by thrift store – although generally an Aladdin’s cave of all manner of goodies, these emporiums also contain vintage fashion selections, with items which are not always found elsewhere. A further advantage is, you can of course try the garments on, so won’t have any concerns about choosing something which does not fit precisely to your liking. Of course, the stock selection will be more limited than with an online retailer, but these are points you need to weigh up and, if there is a store local to you, we recommend looking in and chatting with the owner, especially if you are new to the vintage vibe and not uber confident about identifying a 90s fashion item.  


Thrift Stores vintage

e. Garage, Boot, Jumble and Yard Sales

The early bird catches the worm with these kinda sales, so definitely not the best place for our more reluctant morning risers! However, we suggest getting yourself to one of these sales as soon as the gate opens and then systematically working your way round the site to track down the sellers with cool retro hoodies, trackies and coats on their stands. Regular sales of this nature can be a really useful way to find sellers of vintage fashion, so it is worth building a relationship with the guys you meet, so the next time you are after a 90s oversized sweatshirt, you’ll know exactly the place to go!


Car boot sale vintage

f. Charity Shops

Charity shops have always been an amazing source of quality fashion at affordable prices, and they really do provide that feel good factor – something for you and something for the charity … as well as something for the environment with your eco-conscientious choice. With an era like the 90s, a charity shop might be the best place to find that piece you are looking for; be patient, and repeat visits may be necessary if the stock is not quite what you are after first time round. Try, try and try again, we say, as far as charity shop shopping goes!


Charity Shops 90s Fashion

g. Online Marketplaces

The wealth of marketplace platforms on the internet is truly mindboggling, but try not to get too bogged down, flitting from Etsy to Depop via Ebay and looking in on Vinted en route, as this can make your search seem more like a daunting chore, rather than the adventurous vintage fashion mission it was intended to be. We suggest familiarising yourself with the key platforms, before using the knowledge gained to speed any subsequent more direct targeting in the domain of 90s fashion items.


depop marketplaces

Our 8 Best Online Stores for Sustainable 90s Fashion

There are many many forms of vintage fashion available online, such as dresses from the 60s to Nike crewnecks from the early 90s, as there are decades of vintage back catalogue supply out there. Understanding which vintage online dealers sell which sort of vintage fashion is key. Even if you do not purchase from that site, there is nothing to stop you doing your research on it. For example, here at Domno we sell vintage sportswear/streetwear from the 80s–00s, whereas Rokit Vintage focuses on general vintage from the 60s–10s+. This is why knowing who supplies those 90s bangers, is an essential part of the game!

And, as always, we’ve got this covered for you! Our favourite 8 online stores to buy 90s fashion are right here right now for you:

1. Beyond Retro

We love the guys at Beyond Retro! They have good old bricks and mortar stores in the UK and Sweden, as well as an awesome online site for customers around the globe. Students will defo want to check out their discount to help them dress even more economically for lectures in their range of indie jeans and hoodies.


Beyond Retro

2. Thrifted

The team at Thrifted provides a wealth of branded vintage items for sale, including the likes of Nike tops, Adidas shorts and Champion joggers, as well as thought-provoking blogs and articles to help you sift the wheat from the chaff as far as retro shopping is concerned. You’re bound to come up with a truly indie aesthetic look once you have checked out their pages and will be guaranteed to impress in a truly individual 90s way into the bargain. 



3. Rokit Vintage

We’re up for joining Rokit’s mission to disrupt the fashion chain and create a more sustainable future for the planet. Hear, hear, we say! And the Rokit site is a perfect starting place for scouring the rails to find 90s originals as well as a wider range of second-hand heaters reminiscent or aspiring to the 90s era, such as oversized sweats and neon or shiny metallic jackets.


Rokit Vintage

4. Ragstock

Even if you are not US based to visit a local Ragstock store, you can nonetheless benefit from their aesthetic old-school range and imaginative ideas to support your 90s wardrobe. We are particularly drawn to their vintage section, where many familiar brands and styles of pants, tops and gilets are available – but you can bet your bottom dollar, there will be something here nobody else has yet found!



5. Fabb Fashion

With a mission statement to  ‘Stop Textile Waste’, we stand shoulder to shoulder with this jeans reseller Fabb Fashion and applaud their eco-friendly call to arms. And with the 90s being known for its double or even triple dose of denim in the mix, this is absolutely the place to take your mouse for a walk with while sourcing the Levi’s, Carhartt or other branded men’s or women’s jeans you’re after. We all know jeans, as traditionally cowboy, builder, workwear apparel, are incredibly durable, so what a brilliant idea to specialise in this area of long-lasting second-hand apparel. And the bonus ball here? You’ll look fabbbbbb!


Fabb Fashion

6. We Are Cow

One click on this site and what jumps up, but none other than 90s sporting apparel and branded team wear!! We too believe in their ‘Out with the new, in with the old’ motto – we certainly don’t want to burden our planet any further, and sites like Cow are a great addition to the retro fashion scene. With loads of blogs, including styling ideas, you can be confident that the herd at Cow will help you on your way to locating the perfect kit for all things 90s – polos, rugby shirts, cargo shorts – there is plenty from the era to tuck into here.


We Are Cow

7. Duke’s Cupboard

Duke’s Cupboard is an exciting find for us. Tucked away in the centre of London’s bustling Soho, this little shop, stocking vintage menswear, is a jewel worth a visit if you are ever passing this way. There’s also an online store to keep an eye on, which offers a selection of their bangers, including awesome 90s themed T-Shirts and sweatshirts which particularly caught our eye. However, as is the case with all genuine vintage sellers, there’s no guarantee as to what will be highlighting when you pop by their site. This venue is certainly all about one of one gems.


Dukes Cupboard

8. True Vintage

The True Vintage website is jam packed with Adidas, Nike, Ralph Lauren and the rest of the 90s brands. They stock anything which comes under the umbrella of 90s aesthetic you might like to wear! The website is a clear and comprehensive starting point for the retro fashion hunter, who may well get so deeply involved with all the treasures on display, they never resurface to return to the earlier sites on this page! But then, they would miss out, as these sites are always worth a revisit, as the stock is continually updated …


true Vintage


We hope you have enjoyed checking out some of our suggestions to help you track down vintage fashion from the 90s, both online and as a physical person to person purchase. Hard to believe we were all actually partying like it was 1999 back in 1999 during the 90s era just a smidgen before the millennium arrived! The 90s aesthetic, with its pre-digitalised lifestyle, still resonates today, and is definitely worth a backward look as far as its fashion is concerned. Who doesn’t love wide-leg jeans, crop tops and baggy oversized hoodies today still?