How To Wear An Oversized Jacket With Style


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Oversized Jacket Heilly Beiber

Oh my, where do we start with the humble jacket? Back in the day when a French jaquet was a simple and practical short coat with sleeves, folk would not have imagined how this idea would catch on, let alone develop right up to the modern day popular wearage of the oversized jacket trend! We have a treasure trove of these garments for you to dip into, including parka, varsity, denim, bomber … not to mention puffer, coach, workwear, Harrington, windbreaker

So, roll up your sleeves and start to consider which style of these coats will best suit your vibe to be worn as an oversized outer layer, and see if there is a vintage baby right here waiting for you to start repping the wonderful oversized fashion.


Oversized Jacket Turtle Neck 

Like the oversized tee before it, this blog, is not encouraging you simply to grab the first item off the peg belonging to a larger member of your household and throw it on, declaring ‘job done’. Noooo, this oversized look, needs a certain amount of careful curating and styling to avoid you disappearing inside your threads and looking, let’s face it, somewhat mismatched and dare we say ‘odd’. Carried off deftly however, the oversized jacket can become a trusty staple of your wardrobe, with this guide hopefully giving you some initial inspo ...

Oversized Jacket Ideas

Before we move on to the various ways of wearing an oversizer, let’s just explain which jackets we are talking about. Well, the good news here, is that pretty much every type of jacket or coat can qualify for this generous sized look: from puffers to windbreakers and on to delicious denim numbers. You will need to experiment with the sizing, as often a neat fit on your shoulders can allow better for an extended body length whereas a wider cut might work neater with a shorter length, to give you a boxy fit. As always with matters style, you really can allow yourself some fun, trying, trying and trying again till you achieve the look which suits you and your personality.

Wear an Oversized Jacket Alone

We’re not intending you to drop your bottoms here and hit the road just adorned in a topping oversized jacket, but rather encouraging you to wear a jacket solo, ie without layers of other tops crowding in on the party. So, instead of layering with multiple pieces underneath, just wear your oversized jacket as your one and only top! Have a go with a cute look of buttoning up an oversized denim jacket all the way to your neck. Take the layering out of the equation for a simple, oversized look.


Oversized Jacket Alone

Layer with Tighter Pieces

If the solo layer look isn’t for you, layer up instead with accompanying tighter or normal fit pieces. Popping on a close-fitting polo or Henley makes the perfect base layer for an oversized jacket finish. Then, when you need to remove your outerlayer, you still present a stylish appearance. The contrast between fitting and oversized is both effective and flattering!


Oversized Jacket With Slimwear

Add a Belt

Well, with this style decision, there really are no limits, and this might also give you the perfect opportunity to visit your local charity shop to find the right belt(s) for the jacket. Adding a belt will provide you with a silhouette based on the slimmest part of your upper body, the waist, and accentuate your figure. A belt provides an instant transformation of your oversized jacket, turning it into a truly versatile wardrobe item, which can be styled differently each time you partner it with a belt du jour from your collection. Feeling different today? Tie a different belt round your waist. Simples.


Oversized Jacket With Belt

Go Boyish

The oversized trend comes straight from menswear leisure and streetwear inspiration, so naturally, you can finish your oversized jacket outfit with a roomy pair of Carhartt or Levi’s boyfriend or wide-leg jeans.


Oversized Jacket Mum Jeans

Colour Pop

Although neutral tones, such as tan and grey, are traditionally the most popular palette used for an oversized coat, several fashionistas are now opting either for pastel shades in baby blue or pink or branching out in the completely opposite direction with vibrant tones to make a statement, and ensure their oversized heater does not go unnoticed.


Oversized Jacket Colourful

Keep it Simple

Probably the quickest and most straightforward way of displaying the oversized edgy trend, is by selecting wardrobe basics in plain tones to accompany your larger than normal jacket. This combo will perfectly enable you to retain a certain sleekness, while concentrating fully on the oversized fashion item itself.


Oversized Jacket Simple Style

Go Pro

Have a confident go at coupling your oversized coat with smart work-style tailored trousers or a skirt to carry off an assured professional ‘business’ look, while remaining steadfastly on trend. Put on your usual workwear and simply add your choice of oversized coat as the finishing touch, along with a suitably sassy satchel.


Oversized Jacket For Work

Slimmer Bottoms Contrast

You can never go wrong with a chunky jacket and a fine pair of skinny jeans. That’s it!


Oversized Jacket Skinny Bottoms

Oversized TTT (Top to Toe)

For an exuberant, wavy ’n fun look, why not add some oversized bottoms and go all out!?


Oversized Overall Outfit

Shorts for Flair

Try a more modern approach by wearing some neat fitting shorts/skirt below, thus keeping that upstairs-downstairs contrast 100%


Oversized Jacket With Shorts

Sporty and Stylish

Pop on a dark oversized puffer or don an all-encompassing Adidas winter coat to recreate the aspirational touchline manager style; complete the outfit with a pair of leggings or tracksuit bottoms with statement sports shoes. Then pace up and down, gesticulating wildly and you’re there!


Oversized Jacket Sportswear Streetstyle

Matching Set

Rep an oversized jacket which mirrors your bottoms with the same (the wilder the better) pattern, colour or material – this really is an eye-catching look!


Oversized Jacket Matching outfit

The Finishing Footwear

Chunky boots or shoes make ideal companions to an oversized outerlayer! Keep the jeans skinny and you have a cool winter outfit, which is both easy to style and amazingly versatile!


Oversized Jacket Chunky shoes

Standout Jewellery

One-off necklaces, dangly earrings, watches and an assortment of heavy bangles all look great with an oversized jacket. Large sunglasses provide the pièce de resistance, proving a great way to draw attention to your face.


Oversized Jacket With Jewellery


We really hope you now feel equipped to choose and style your perfect oversized vintage jacket or retro coat, decide what best to accompany it with, if anything, and are ready to step boldly forth into whichever adventure is currently crying out for this wardrobe must-have in your life.

As far as we’re concerned, go big, go baggy, but always keep an eye on the end result and seek to maintain a cool and relaxed form to your oversized vintage look.


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