How to Style Vintage Clothing In 2023


HF Lanzer

vintage outfit sitting down

So, you’ve bagged yourself a Vintage beaut, before anybody else snaffled that 90s Tommy or Carhartt pre-worn hoodie under from your click, but how the dickens to show it off now in its resplendent glory and rock vintage style as if you were born to it?! Well, as ever, here at Domno HQ we are bursting with ideas on not just how to bring the hottest second-hand pieces straight into to your residence, but also what to do with them once landed!

Vintage covers styles and grooves through many of the past decades, so there is no shortage of ideas already out there filling our AI NetWorld to uber-capacity, but with everything screen based, sometimes the plethora of pictorial ideas becomes frankly overwhelming and you’d much rather just follow the latest fast fashion trend, which cleverly marketed retailers have presented to you as a seductive fait accompli. But no, hold off, Domnoistas, we know we can expect better of you! Keep the faith and do not despair as you feel yourself giving in to the insubstantial ready-meal of modern manufacturing when you deserve far, far better with individually curated and quality vintage outfits from the 00s and pieces of one-off apparel from old school brands, such as Ralph Lauren and Champion, to name but two.

Steady yourselves now and take a peepsie at our bespoke suggestions to guide you into the cosy, comfy, cool world of dressing vintage. With style.

vintage oversized tshirt and cargos outfit

Key Factors When Styling Vintage Clothing

Keeping it baggy (but not too baggy)

You can always go for a baggy, baggy, saggylicious vibe all over, but for vintage style, we are looking for a slightly more nuanced approach in our idea of what makes an effective oversized outfit

baggy vintage outfit lookAccessorising is key

Adding accessories, such as rings, scrunchies,Y2k bandanas and a casual bag really can finish off your unique vintage style.

accessories with skater outfit Layering is important

The sky is the limit here, and we advise to layer, layer and layer again, to your heart’s content. Leaving a cheeky white Nike tee poking out from your crewneck or a collar showing beneath your vintage YSL neckline, shows your vintage intent beautifully.

vintage outfit layered styleColour co-ordinating works

This goes for fashion across the board really, but with vintage in particular, making sure to keep your colour-cord in tact is a key tenet.

coordination vintage outfitHaving a staple piece

Going vintage heaven from top to toe is the dream, but we’d recommend having one staple vintage banger in your outfit that draws attention to itself, while the rest of the fit is kept moderately clean and simple.

staple vintage piece on an outfit

How to Style Vintage Sweatshirts

And now, you really are talking to the right people here! We pride ourselves on being the top purveyor of the Vintage Sweatshirt – all brands, sizes, styles and eras – and we have a host of blogs already on styling and bossing this key piece of vintage apparel. 

Not in the mood to have a good ol’ fashioned read on the matter? Well, worry ye not, here are some quick-fire ideas for those of you in a hurry to get your vintage sweat up and running:

  • Chuck a white tee that’s a lil bigger than the sweat you’ve got, so it immediately pokes out underneath, beautifully exaggerating your instant layers.

vintage softboy outfit

  • Pair it with some baggy/straight cut vintage jeans to achieve the perfect aesthetic. Faultless!

vintage sweatshirt baggy outfit

  • A proper sneaky trick is to throw an elastic band on either side of the sweater to have it look tucked in – a real crowd-pleaser this one!

tucked in sweatshirt outfit

  • Chuck a collar underneath your sweater, ideal for any vintage sweatshirt.

softboy collar under sweatshirt look

  • Of course, all these ideas are equally valid for a hoodie, should that be your vintage top of choice. 

How to Style Vintage T-Shirts

Well, well, well, so you've bagged yourself a vintage tee? Solid choice. And yes, here follows some key advice we shared with you earlier, so now’s the perfect time to take an in-depth read all about this iconic and crucial vintage wardrobe staple. 

Sooo, lest we have some more reluctant readers onboard, we are now presenting you with our handy cut-down selection of T-Shirt style tips so that you can get the most out of that piece of history that just came through your door:

  • Let it sit loose – go oversized and bold.

oversized tshirt outfit

  • Tuck it in for that adorable Softboy touch. 

tucked in tshirt with jeans

  • Chuck a sweater vest on top to achieve an indie/Softboy look. 

sweater vest + tshirt style

  • Accessorise with a necklace to complement. 

necklace with tshirt combo

long sleeved tshirt style

How to Style Vintage Jeans

Well, well, well, looks like you've bagged yourself a fresh bit of vintage leg-wear. Good choice. Now, we thought it would only be right to share a couple of style tips, so that you can get the most out of that piece of history that just came through your door, and as ever, here is one we wrote earlier: How To Style Vintage Jeans: Guys Edition

  • Have them sit perfectly on the shoe – how we’d recommended.

jeans vintage style

  • Roll them up and show some sock – going full skaterish with this one.

rolled up jeans aesthetic

  • Add a special accessory, such as chain/key holder.

accessories jeans with keychains

  • Pair with an oversized tee.

oversized tee and vintage jeans outfit

  • Pair with a roomy sweatshirt or hoodie.

oversized sweatshirt style

How to Finish It Off With The Footwear

No fit is complete without the footwear, but you don’t really need to go vintage with it, so we always allow for new trainers/shoes, if you are unable to source second-hand fits for yourself. Feet need protecting, so the key point is that your footwear is not going to cause you damage. Health always outweighs fashion choices.

Styling-wise we’d recommend any shoe or trainer that was popular back in the 90s and 00s or one in a similar retro style. Browsing the vintage marketplaces or visiting charity shops could be your best entry point to find the perfect pair in your size, as they really can be rare.

vintage trainers outfit


Well, there it is … Some truly revolutionary vintage styling advice that will have people stopping you on the street to ask where you got your sweat, your cargos, your jacket …! But always remember – punto numero uno – when it comes to styling a vintage piece of clothing, there are no rules! Except for the ones we just told you about. So, go get ‘em!

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