What is Beach Core? How to Style Summer Staples in 2023


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Ah, Summer, Summer, Summer. We’ve endured the blistering winds and long dark days of winter, all in hope of seeing you and your outfits waiting for us at the end. Now, if you’re like us at Domno Vintage, you’re longing for a glorious English summer and the glorious summer wardrobe that comes with the warmer weather. And if you’re lucky enough to live in a hotter climate (let’s face it, it’s not hard), don’t think that this blog isn’t also for you – because we’re dedicating it to Styling Summer Staples and everything Beach Core.  

The Beach Core Aesthetic   

What is ‘Beach Core’, you ask? In short, ideal outfits to wear on long, hot, summer days. Wear them to the beach, the park and on holiday. In terms of vibes, think 90s/00s skaters, surfers, California and sandy beach life. Bright colours and over-the-top accessories, always.   

Channel the Beach Core vibes as you listen to McFly and Island in the Sun on repeat, soaking up the nostalgia of summers past, while lazing in the sunshine of summer present.  

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Key Beach Core/Summer Staples For The Girlies

We’re going to outline some key staple pieces that are must-haves in any summer wardrobe, and an absolute essential if you want to achieve the Beach Core look.  

So girlies, today we’re channelling the inner beach girl in us all. Think H20 Just Add Water mermaid vibes and the coconut girl aesthetic. Think pink, pink, pink. 

pink style female outfit

The Hawaiian/Graphic Shirt

This is a core item, no matter the temperature or climate you live in. The Hawaiian shirt can be styled in so many ways and is the ideal piece to chuck in your beach bag, that will add a little extra layer of warmth, if needed, and easily elevate your outfit. This summer top layer works perfectly over a bikini, paired with a pair of low waist trousers/pants and over a little summer dress.  

hawaiian shirt outfit

The Summer Dress

Talking of the summer dress, she deserves a special mention. Such an easy piece and so simple to style. Wear her with a graphic, oversized shirt. Wear her with flip-flops or Converses, which, by the way, are both perfect footwear to achieve the Beach Core vibe.  

The best style of summer dress to achieve this sought after sunshine vibe, is brightly coloured and has a cute print. Like the shirt, we’re thinking floral or Hawaiian print.  

Finally, chuck an oversized T-shirt or Hoodie over the summer dress to achieve a laid-back beach vibe, that will keep you warm as the sun goes down and you lie back to admire the sunset.  

summer dress outfit females

The Board Shorts 

Or, as they’re better known: the boardies. Popularised by ROXY in the 90s – heralding the start of all things Beach Core – boardies are a staple item that scream 90s/00s beach life. Better to buy vintage, if you want to truly achieve an authentic summer vibe, boardies are the perfect item to wear on a hot day or pack in your suitcase if you’re heading on your travels. 

Even better, boardies come in different styles. Shorter boardies give more of a Y2K girly style, whereas longer boardies will work for you if you like to channel tomboy or street-style aesthetics, similar to cargo shorts.

board shorts female outfit

Low-waisted Trousers/Pants

Trousers? In summer? Really?   

Yes, really. Don’t underestimate the power of a low-waisted pair of trousers on a summer’s day. Paired with a bikini top or brightly coloured cami/vest/singlet, long pants are perfect for a day spent not on the beach, but still under the sunshine. Think cute summer picnics, beach bars and evenings spent in the park. Our favourites, a pair of linen trousers or light denim vintage Levi’s.  

low waisted trousers female outfit

Key Beach Core/Summer Staples For The Guys

Your turn! Here are four key items that are a must-have in your summer wardrobe.  

The Hawaiian/Graphic shirt (yes, again) 

Okay, we know that we already mentioned this for the girlies. But the Hawaiian and graphic shirt is a unisex wonder. Wear with a white vest underneath, or nothing. Pair it with swimming trunks or cargo shorts.  

hawaiian tshirt mens aesthetic


Tie-dye is the perfect way to add a bit of fun to what can otherwise be a plain outfit. Find a vintage tie-dye tee or have some fun with DIY. Tie-dye shorts and swimming trunks work too.  

In terms of the colour palette, stay consistent with bright shades to make sure that you’re still achieving the Beach Core vibe – pinks, greens and blues.  

tie dye style men

Longline Shorts

Shorts are obviously a summer staple, but a Beach Core staple means rocking the oversized, longline shorts, true skater style. Whether they’re a swimming trunk or not, they should hit the knee or just below to achieve a real laid-back beach vibe. Add an oversized T-shirt when not at the beach, and your outfit is sorted.  

long line shorts outfit men

Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirt

This suggestion may seem a bit rogue when talking about the beach, but the Hard Rock T-Shirt gives off the perfect summertime vibe. Especially as the Hard Rock Cafe was started by two Americans and the Tee’s Beach Core aesthetic showcases those undeniably American ‘Cali’ vibes.  

hard rock cafe tshirts

Accessories For Guys And Girls

Staple pieces and styling tips over, one of the key elements to Beach Core is how you accessorise. Honestly, in terms of achieving the right vibe, it’s make or break. No pressure. 

The Bucket Hat 

Bucket hats are the No. 1 accessory to add to your outfit if you want to easily achieve a Beach Core vibe. If you ask us, it might even be the No. 1 staple accessory to have in your summer wardrobe, period.  

If you want something one-of-a-kind (and who wouldn’t?), at Domno we have a range of reworked bucket hats. Hey, don’t stress, but why not take a look if you fancy choosing one for yourself …

bucket hat outfit


This is where the Beach Core vibe becomes really obvious and, if you’re wondering how to create your outfit, this is the one styling tip that we wouldn’t miss.   

When it comes to jewellery, if you could find the piece in a seaside gift shop, it will probably work. Anything with shells is ideal, and for a Beach Core aesthetic, you can NEVER have too many shells. Necklaces, bracelets, rings and anklets – wear them all. Guys, don’t think that this jewellery thing is limited to the girls, because a nice shell necklace works just as well for you, and moreover it’s 2023, so wear what you want!  

Other pieces that work well include anything with a Hawaiian flower or too much glitter, especially eccentric and girly hair clips.  

Finally, remember those colourful friendship bracelets that you always got on a holiday as a kid? Yes? Well, get some of them now and layer them up, trust us.  

jewellery beach core aesthetic

Key Brands To Achieve The Beach Core Aesthetic 

If you are now thinking this seashore vibe really is for you and something you’d like to try this summer, we have the perfect brands for you to look for. Surf brands are the best – Quiksilver, ROXY (Quiksilver but exclusively for girls), Billabong and O’Neill are all perfect.  

beach core brands

To Conclude   

Well, there we have it. As the summer approaches, why not take on a Beach Core aesthetic and get yourself some of these must-have summer staples? Bring on the sunshine!!! 

Until next time,  

Shop consciously,  

Domno Vintage x 

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