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Drum roll, please, loyal followers, supporters and vintagefolk everywhere, we have an announcement! You know us by now as a reliable and trustworthy supplier of all clothes vintage, saving you hours of shoe leather traipsing round the famed thrift stores to search out that must-have treasure which you know is hiding in there somewhere in your size … but let’s face it, more often than not sadly eludes you.

Sooo, since starting our vintage business back in 2016, we have developed the Domno brand to become the leading light in vintage garments, ranging across styles, types, eras, brands, sizes, prices and now we are ready to add the finishing touch … jewellery. Didn’t see that comin’, did ya? But we believe that no vintage outfit is complete without a carefully chosen accessory or two in the mix, hence our own addition of jewellery to our website collections as the perfect add-on in this direction!

How To Add Jewellery To Your Vintage Outfit

Wearer’s Choice!

When it comes to choosing quantity, size, style and design, the choice of which piece(s) of jewellery to wear and wear again, really is down to you. The best thing about building a jewellery collection, is that you can always add to it over time, and what you choose to hang round your neck or pop on your finger today, might well not be what suits your mood tomorrow. A broad selection of versatile jewellery items is what is called for.

Maybe begin with a choice ring, then try out a necklace, bracelet, chain or pendant. The pieces can be bought individually from a host of retailers, both online and in towns and villages, at antique fairs, charity shops, precious metals auctions, summer fairs, exhibitions and seaside outlets. Just always keep your eyes peeled to the possibility of finding a jewellery piece wherever you travel. The more unique the location, the more unique the jewellery.

vintage jewellery

Look For Jewellery Items To Express Your Personality

With a vintage outfit, it really is about presenting a casual vibe. More likely than not, a job interview, court appearance or formal function would not scream ‘get ya casual garb on, dude’ at you, so save your shiniest cufflinks and ostentatious watch for more fitting occasions. Everything has its place, after all.

However, there are plenty of perfect opportunities where your vintage ensemble could well be improved and indeed enhanced and elevated by the select addition of one or more jewellery items on board.

Remember, it is also often worthwhile being initially cautious about the addition of jewellery, avoiding the obvious uber-bling in favour of a subtle sneak peek of a chain glinting casually below your vintage crewneck. Experiment with the effect to establish your ‘look’.

vintage jewellery

Accessorise Your Neckline With A Chain

As mentioned above, adding a simple chain, with or without an accompanying pendant, really amplifies a vintage top, be it a shirt, tee, jacket or coat, either with top button(s) undone or with your chosen neckline naturally exposing your skin detail.

Don’t forget, retro tops come in many variations, with the neckline being no exception to the choices available, so don’t just stop at classic black collared top, when there are so many others besides. All of which can be seen as the perfect vessel for your personalised jewellery display. Check out our collection of recyclable stainless steel chains in different styles, lengths and colours to start gathering these key accessories for yourself.

The many pendants you can hang from the chain itself mean the piece develops into a multi-wear and truly adaptable item to have in your armoury. Choose a pendant which resonates with you. We cannot always make that choice for you, but we do aim to present you with plenty of options within our jewellery collection so you can select the ideal number.

vintage jewellery

Make Your Wrist Happy With A Bracelet … Or Two!

One of the huge advantages of jewellery, is that the individual pieces can be relatively inexpensive up-front purchases which enable you to develop your unique collection literally bit by bit. No prohibitively outlandish expense required here.

Jewellery with a vintage outfit, is all about the overall vibe rather than a single glitzy showstopper stealing the party for itself. Don’t forget, we are after a vintage outfit with jewellery, not a jewellery standalone wowser overshadowing the cool vintage apparel! Your jewellery needs to work alongside your outfit, not outdoing it all together!

When considering a bracelet, in particular, you can find suitable candidates everywhere: make your own from online inspo, natural finds, source from a retailer, ask the rellies if you can hunt for timeless classics they may have long since discarded in their bottom drawer, check out the charity shops, nose around beach or fairground outlets, swap with friends … festival fever in a flash!

Our collection offers both evocative shell pearl and recycled stainless steel bracelets to get your distinctive look started. Don’t forget, the more the merrier as far as bracelets are concerned, and the limit is literally as long as your arm!

vintage jewellery

Rings On Your Fingers, Bells On Your Toes

From all the jewellery items out there, perhaps it is a ring which offers the most personal of choices. Worn traditionally as a symbol of love, unity and belonging, a ring is a highly individual and precious piece of jewellery which none of us ever want to misplace. With a ring, you and others are looking at the item.

It is an ‘in yer face’ kinda item by its very essence. There is no opportunity just to offer a cheeky peak as with a bracelet or a chain nestling below your clothes. Unless you are dressed for the arctic, chances are your digits will be exposed (ensure clean nails at all times, please!), so you do not want to miss this opportunity to share your taste with the world. There is no brief encounter of a transitory nature of ring passing through, it sits centre stage on your hand. Open to view to all.

So, first rule is to choose carefully and find a ring which truly equals YOU. Who cares what the world thinks? If you have belief in the ring on your finger, that is all that is needed. You are not a sheep. You are YOU. Forget about what is conceived as ‘in’ by all the social media pages you are fed, and go for your look. The ring is mine, for me, worn my me, and I LOVE it!

vintage jewellery

Look After Your Jewellery

Jewellery, by its very essence, comprises multiple relatively small items which can readily go astray, especially when removed by the wearer. For this reason, we always caution and urge good housekeeping with your burgeoning jewellery collection, as who hasn’t had to remove a gem for sport, school, photoshoot or hygiene purposes, only to then not locate it again when it is required again?!

Always store the individual pieces in the same safe place when at home and never leave them jangling loose in a large pocket or bag but secure them first in an envelope, folded piece of paper or small material bag if they need storing away from your body. Of course, the trouble with jewellery generally is that it is simply too easy to lose track of all the small items you have, but developing your own techniques will ensure you will not be the person to repeat lose your carefully curated collection one by one!

Style Tips For A Vintage Outfit With Jewellery

There’s not a right or wrong way of styling an outfit with jewellery, whatever others might say. The basics tell us that silver goes with absolutely everything, gold looks stunning against a plain background and shell pearls smash it with a wavy patterned seaside style vibe. But truly there is a satisfying heap of ways in which to style jewellery with your vintage ’drobe, including for starters:

  • Going 90s Hip Hop with both your oversized outfit and generously proportioned jewellery choices, of course to include Cuban chains and signet rings aplenty
  • Repping the athlete within, by choosing necklace(s) plus eye-catching pendant(s) to sway alluringly alongside your sweater vest or sports top
  • Turning Y2K with a choker chain in the mix alongside your fav bandana, hoodie and pair of iconic Levi’s
  • Presenting yourself with a softboy aesthetic to include neat additions of ring, chain and subtle shell pearl bracelet
  • Going biker crazy with a vintage Harley Davidson tee plus silver chunky rings and several chains

Why We've Gone Into Jewellery

As we discovered from the start, there are so many clothes already out there on planet Earth, that new materials and manufacturing processes could not possibly now suddenly lie at the heart of our jewellery ethos. We are putting our faith in offering recycled, ethical jewellery items, including a stunning collection of durable and tarnish-free 316 stainless steel gold or silver plated items to kick off our venture.

This is material which has been rethought and reconditioned, rather than manufactured afresh, so suits Domno perfectly. We are also offering ethically sourced necklaces and bracelets made from shell pearls and will continue to explore further jewellery accessories which are both kind by nature and pure on your skin.

Our sideways step into the world of accessories is itself not new, as displayed by our existing popular drops featuring caps, bags and hats. And so jewellery is the natural next step to enhance our customers’ vintage vibe still further. If you are after a unique look, nothing does this better than a nugget or two of jewellery. By choosing your jewellery piece(s) circumspectly, you will certainly stamp your personal expression firmly on to your already individual outfit choice ... this finale can simply be viewed as the jewel in the crown!


As an online innovator, Domno is always looking for fresh and exciting ways to provide our customers, new and old, with items they can wear and wear again, as sustainability lies at our core. Rescuing clothes from an unnecessary landfill finale remains at the forefront of everything we do. And thankfully our customers continue with awesome commitment to this shared belief in helping the planet, Blog026_Why Is Vintage Clothing So Popular?

But we also realise our loyal Domnoistas need variety and exciting ideas to incorporate into their unique outfits, which is exactly where our new jewellery collection comes into play, sitting comfortably beneath our sustainable vintage umbrella.

Final piece of assistance for the potentially wavering among you, is that if the actual choice of jewellery to pair with your vintage outfit remains a leap too far, why not let us do that for you? Just select a Vintage Mystery Box with the option of chain or ring and our Stylists will do the rest. Happy jewellery collecting to all!

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