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Girls! Festival Season is upon us at last! Whatever your vibe, style or music taste, there’s a festival for you. Sun. Music. Mates. Mud. Need I say more? No, I didn’t think so either. Here’s how to style the Staple Festival pieces of 2023, to ensure that you have them in your wardrobe … or well, backpack.  

group of festival goers  Now guys, this post is just for the girlies. But if you want THE best tips on how to dress for festivals this summer, then just check out our companion post. Even better, here at Domno we’ve been cooking up some pretty funky Festival Mystery Boxes. I know, I know, how could you ever control your excitement?  

Girls, girls, girls. Don’t worry. I know we don’t have a specific female collection for you. But hey, we’re going to make it up to you, by bringing you the Festival Fashion tips that you’ve always dreamed of. Strap in and get ready. Festival Season is here.   

We’re going to kick it off by giving you some key, basic styling tips that will help you get an idea of your festival vibes this szn, and core styles that scream out to you … Just think of it as your festival bible, a gift from us to you.  

The Basics 

1. Monochrom

Festival Tip number one. Feeling lazy? Can’t be bothered to style a funky outfit in the sweaty heat of your tiny tent? Maybe had a few too many tinnies the night before? Well, go monochrome. Monochrome outfits (meaning everything that you’re wearing is all the same colour, or shade of colour) are the easiest way to look ridiculously put-together and suave without even trying. Got a pair of grey cargos? Wear a baggy grey top, grey baseball cap and add a grey Bum Bag. A look so simple, but so cool. So, so cool. 

Even better, if you’re a bold dresser who prefers to veer towards the eccentric side (go you!), then dress in an all-monochrome outfit of a BRIGHT colour.  

monochrome outfit

2. Balloon trouser/pant

Festival Tip number two. The balloon trouser/pant. Baggy, fun, almost waterproof in case of mosh-pit drink spillages. Style with a simple plain vest and a statement chain/necklace. Bosh.

baggy pants outfits

3. Jorts

Festival Tip number three. Okay, you’re going to have to hear us out on this one. We almost don’t dare whisper the word… J o r t s. Phew, we said it, what a relief. We love Jorts. Like seriously love Jorts. They’re a key Festival Summer Staple. No shame. And who cares if they get muddy, it just adds to the aesthetic.

jorts fashion

4. Double Denim

Festival Tip number four. Talking of denim, did somebody say Double Denim? Oh, no, you didn’t? Well, you should’ve, because I did. Double Denim may have been a fashion no-no five years ago, but it’s 2023 gals, and the more denim, the better this festival season. All hail queen Britney and her iconic 90s style inspo.

festival outfits

5. Vest + trouser combo 

Festival Tip number five. You don’t have to overdo it. Festival fits can be simple and still work. A basic vest and trousers combo is a timeless classic that can be worn time and time again – it’s never going to get old, and it’s not going to take up all that space in your bag. Bosh.

festival outfit

6. Boots or Flares

Festival Tip number six. This one is for the eccentric The Coachella goers. The goes-to-a-festival-just-for-the-outfitters. If you really want to go for it this year, and be right on trend, we vote that you cop yourself a pair of vintage boots or wellies and maybe even a cheeky little pair of flares. True 60s style, Woodstock we’re ready.

bootcut festival outfits

7. The Babydoll Dress

Festival Tip number seven. The babydoll dress. I almost wish that I could gatekeep this style because she truly holds a special place in my heart. But alas, I’m being kind today. The babydoll dress is girly, cutesy and effortlessly cool. Whether you want to look like a Rockstar’s girlfriend (Oh, Devon Lee Carlson, we love you) or a festival fairy, the babydoll works.

baby doll dress outfits

8. Micro-Skirt

Festival Tip number eight. The micro-skirt. What’s great about the micro-skirt is that not only will you look unbelievably cool, but the skirt will take up absolutely no room in your backpack. Perfect for hot and sweaty festivals, the micro-skirt is another key Festival Staple. It’s also right on trend.

micro skirt outfit

9. Laces

Festival Tip number nine. Lace, lace, lace. Lace is a key textile that you need in your festival wardrobe this year. Long, flowy skirts and cute lace vests/camis/singlets. Lace brings a level of class and sophistication to your Festival Season looks that you didn’t even know you needed, until now, of course.

laced outfits

10. Dungarees

Festival Tip number ten. The dungaree. Wear them with a cute top or bandeau underneath. Even a bikini top if it’s a baking summer day – fingers crossed. You can wear them buckled up, classic style, or wear them unbuckled to give the iconic dungies an even more laid-back look. They’re a timeless piece and even better when bought Vintage. Dickies do some great pairs and luckily because of their relaxed fit, dungarees, are a unisex item, so you can buy vintage! Yey!

dungaree outfits at a festival

11. Crotchet

Festival Tip number eleven. Okay, final clothing tip of the day. And what is it that they say? Save the best till last? Well, here you have it … crochet. Oh! Crocheyyyyy. Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. But in all seriousness, crochet pieces are a must-have in among your festival staples. They are a true festival classic that you can wear year after year, helping Mother Earth by not over-consuming too!

crochet outfits at a festival

Festival Season Accessories  

A key element to looking truly festival fabulous is down to how you accessorise your outfits. Now that we’ve shared with you all of the top outfit tips that you could ever hope and dream of, let’s get accessorised!  

  1. Firstly, grab yourself a big, chunky necklace and channel your 2000s Mum aesthetic. It might sound funny, but a statement necklace brings any outfit together, and having only one necklace to remember means that you don’t have to pack thousands of accessories that you’d risk losing in the mess of your tent. They’re also super easy to find, go to any charity shop and we guarantee that you’ll have your pick and not be contributing to fast fashion!

chunky necklace for a festival


  1. Next on our accessory list is the statement belt. It’s basically the same concept as the chunky necklace – it adds a little bit of sauce to your outfit without having to think about too many elements. If Kate Moss loves it, how couldn’t you?

kate moss wearing a belt 

  1. We’ve left out one blatantly obvious, but vitally important, accessory here. The Any Festival Season look needs the staple sunglasses. To pair with any outfit, no matter the weather, nor time of day, statement sunnies will be your best friend at a festival.  

sunglasses at a festival


  1. The belly chain. This tiny piece of jewellery is something that you didn’t even know you needed. So versatile, it adds an extra layer of fun to your festival outfits this summer. Source them in a gold or silver finish to coordinate with your other jewellery pieces, or even look out for them in fun beaded colours. 

belly chain outfit


  1. Hair accessories, let’s goooooo … The bandana is the perfect representation of true, classic festival style. Wear it in your hair one day and then you can even tie it as a cute little top the next day. This really is a festival staple. 

bandana outfit at a festival 

  1. Next up, we have a bit of a rogue one. The cowboy hat. It may seem a bit excessive, but don’t underestimate its power. It won’t just raise your festival fit to a wholly different level, but it will also make you feel like you’re on top of the world. Hey, we don’t know why it happens, but the cowboy hat brings girls new and magical levels of confidence that we simply can’t deny.

cowboy hat style


  1. Our final tip of the day, the plaits/braids and ribbons combo. Ridiculously cute and so cheap to pull off, style your hair in two plaits with some little ribbons at the end. Voila. 

braids hair look for a festival


There we go, all the 2023 Festival Styling tips and Festival Summer Staples you could ever dream of.  

Festivals are a great time to experiment with your style and try new ideas, because there are simply so many ways to do a festival outfit justice. Even better, the chilled vibes of festivals means that you can have the confidence to step a bit out of your usual comfort zone in terms of styling, and dare to be a bit bolder, which, come on, is always fun. Whether you’re dressing up to the max to see your fave musicians live or are there simply for the good vibes and joys of camping, we hope that you have a great festival szn this summer.  

Want to know what festivals are happening in the UK this year, so that you have an excuse to wear these preposterously cool outfits? Have a little look: 

Creamfields 26–28 May 

Download 8–11 June 

Parklife 10–11 June 

Glastonbury 21–25 June 

Wireless 7–9 July

Latitude 20–23 July 

Boomtown 9–13 Aug 

Rewind 18–20 Aug 

Creamfields 24­–27 Aug 

Reading & Leeds 25–27 Aug 


Enjoy and Until next time,    

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