Our Favourite Summer Festival Outfits For 2023


HF Lanzer

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Sooo, guys, Festivaaaaal szn 2023 is already peeping round that there legendary corner of let yourself go and have some summertime fun! No worries, don’t head for the hills in festival apprehension and horror of what to wear, we’ve got you covered! Literally. Relax one and all. We are officially right here and now (albeit temporarily) ditching our beloved full length body cladding styles, including cosy sweats, hoodie, turtle necks, puffers accompanied by generously long, baggy legwear from jeans to cargos and chinos to trackies, we know you love to rock, and instead we’re shedding the excess to gear up for the annual full-on festival frenzy. And between you and me, this is a hella lot easier to rep and considerably lighter on the wallet in that vintage bumbag you’re reaching for!

guy wearing a shirt at a festival OK, so you just missed out on those Glasto tickets this year. Gutting, we know. Unbelievable it should have happened. Again. But the Domno Festival blog can still apply to you, as summer brings on its full array of less formalised outdoor revelries: beach parties, patio gatherings, balcony evenings, park assemblings, barbie firing-ups, riverside picnics, getting the vibe from the free gratis periphery grasslands and all other social gatherings encouraged by the glorious window of warmer weather the summer season affords us all. So, worry ye not, chaps and chapesses, you will go to YOUR event, and here is where you readily, and at no extra cost, translate the following festival-specific advice to match the event you are attending. Wherever it is.

The Basics

1. Wearing items that you don’t care tooo much about

Festivals do not come with apparel guarantees! Chances are you’re going to get sweaty/muddy/dirty/far removed from your daily laundry routine! Sadly, often what goes to Festival, stays at Festival, so a little mindful thrift shopping in advance to kit yourself out in value pre-worn garms is defo worth your while. Jettisoning an inexpensive purchase to land in the mountain of Lost Property left behind on site, is far less painful than an unwanted farewell from your rare show-stopping Adidas Equipment sweat you foolishly brought along! Now is the perfect time to get your homework done early doors while you can and swing by a couple of diverting diversions to take a read of our blogs How To Shop Vintage In 2023 and Where To Buy Affordable Vintage Clothing.

festival muddy outfits

2. Wearing items that dry fast

Here, we suggest a few thin shirts, old tees or windbreakers – ideal for the key festival elements ranging from meteorological hazards, such as downpours, to personal ones, such as profusive sweating brought on by dance moves.

3. Pack some sort of sun protectors 

Glasses and/or hat/cap – they sure will add to the look! Double bonus of cool headwear, is of course, this takes care of the coiffure for the duration. Neat one!

sunglasses festival outfit

4. Don't forget that essential carrier

A functional and worn close to your body carrier is also an absolute must for a festival outfit – bumbag, crossbody, bro sack, manbag to name but a few, but always make it stylish and practical to carry your phone/essentials. Of course, a super pocketed pair of baggy cargo shorts can also do the job, but remember which vital item is in which of the myriad of pockets when required!

Barely worth a mention this, but for those who may overlook this key security and safety aspect of the outfit receptacle, your bag will need to have fully functioning zips or fasteners. It’s a thin line between jumping for joy as the band starts up or charging recklessly to the mosh pit in the freedom of the open air and the reality of your precious items being trampled heedlessly underfoot by your fellow enthusiastic festivalgoers, as your bag contents lie strewn on the floor.

5. Appropriate footwear

Again, going to get dirty, so leave the crisp white pair safely at home doing time in the shoerack, but make sure the ones you are packing are tried and tested comfy and are up to eight+ hours in the rave tent.

mens footwear for a festival

6. Accessorise like you’ve never done so before

Festival is a time to let loose and express yourself by wearing whatever you want! Go crazy with the accessories and stand out like you never would in your day-to-day life. Festivals are awesome equalisers, so you truly can be your best unique self. In among the crowd, you are the ONE!

Now on to the top festival outfit styles to consider for your packing list ….

Loose Fitting Button-Up Shirt

  • A long-sleeved shirt + some light bottoms is a perfect combo for a festival.
  • You can pair your shirt with trousers or shorts – just make sure to roll up the sleeves and have a couple buttons undone to show a sneaky peek of jewellery underneath.

long sleeved button up shirt festival outfit

Oversized Graphic Tee + Shorts

  • The classic graphic tee – this just screams Festival, even before the bassist has taken up position on the big stage to start the set. Look out for bands, cartoons, locations, artists, abstracts … imprinted on your chest.
  • Just make sure the tee is not tooo thick! You could regret that.

graphic tshirt at a festival

Short-Sleeved Button-Up Shirt

  • Just the same principles as with the long-sleeved cousin above.
  • Make this one funky and a comfy fitting is important.
  • Buttons undone.

short sleeved shirt at a festival

Cheeky Bit Of Tie-Dye

  • Nothing wrong, and in fact everything right, with some tie-dye, especially if you rep it right! DIY in advance or buy it vintage from a local charity shop. We say a music festival without packing a tie-dye, is like Bob Dylan setting off on tour without his guitar!
  • We’d recommend an oversized tie-dye tee, if we can be a wee bit picky here – and if you’re going tie-dye, look beyond the tee or sweat and consider the shorts as well. Of course you gotta go all out with the accessories to complement!

tie dye tshirts outfit

Vest It Up

  • A vest + a pair of funky bottoms and adding another layer on top of the vest is perfect festival attire – just again, accessorise handsomely to stop the outfit looking on the plain side.

vest outfit at a festival


  • Dungarees may get a lil hot at some festivals – but they’re defo a stylish addition to your festival luggage, and you can always cut them down to shorts before departure or look out for vintage light cotton numbers.
  • Pairing with a plainish tee underneath or just going bare if you’re brave enough.

Dungarees outfit style for men

Accessorise To The Max

Go crazy with your accessories at a festival, take a look at some of our favs, but add on your own ideas too. There really are no rules!

1. Wide-Brim / Bucket Hat

A wide-brim or bucket hat not only protects you from the sun, but also adds a touch of sophistication to your festival ensemble. Opt for a straw or felt hat, depending on the season and overall vibe of the event you’re attending.

2. Cap

A vintage cap is so easy, so cool and so practical, it would almost be rude to leave home without one in your backpack. Check out the Domno Cap selection to see what takes your fancy, and remember, a cap with a logo, place name, sports team etc. emblazoned across it can always serve as the perfect ice-breaker when mingling with new peeps at the gig, so bear that in mind when you select your one or two to take along!

3. Statement Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must-have accessory for any outdoor seasonal event, and festivals are no exception. Go for bold, oversized frames or unique shapes to add a dash of personality to your outfit

4. Layered Necklaces

Layering necklaces is a popular trend that adds depth and dimension to any festival outfit. Mix and match different lengths and textures to create a personalised style for yourself. And remember not to bring along any family heirloom pieces: what goes to festival, does not always return!

5. Bandanas

Adding a bandana is yet another simple yet effective way to enhance your festival outfit – a bandana brings further depth and interest to the outfit and stops it looking bare, as well as giving it a true Y2K authenticity. Loads of ways to rep a bandana online, so check out some options to make sure your bandana can appear in a different guise every day!

caps and accessories for a festival

Which Festivals Are On In UK Summer 2023?

Creamfields 26–28 May

Download 8–11 Jun

Parklife 10–11 Jun

Glastonbury 21–25 Jun

Wireless 7–9 Jul

Latitude 20–23 Jul

Boomtown 9–13 Aug

Rewind 18–20 Aug

Creamfields 24–27 Aug

Reading and Leeds 25–27 Aug


Final hack for you here, before we leave all things festival very much up to you: if your festival outfit happens to take a hit with stainage, damage and general grime within the first few hours of arrival, consider turning the offending article inside out and starting again, turn over a new leaf as they say! If you have removed labels before you leave, no one will be any the wiser in among the throngs. Believe us! 

Of course, if inspo is just not happening for you and the clock is ticking towards the big day, why not let us do the work for you and simply order yourself one of our very own fun and funky Festival Mystery Boxes? No sweat.

So, guys, we hope we have been able to whet your appetite for festival szn ahead and given you food for thought apropos all things wardrobe. Well, over to you now, and go get yourself sorted with the outfit to nail all outfits this summer. Standing out from the crowd at a huge festival gathering is no mean feat, but try some of our suggestions, and see if you will be the one participant singled out by the cameras to show your devastatingly admirable personal panache, style and true wonderment of a festival wardrobe!

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