Where To Buy Baggy Clothes in 2023


HF Lanzer

Vintage baggy style

Oversized T-Shirts. Oversized Outfits. Why is Oversized Clothing Trendy? Spotted a theme running through our recent blog threads? Well, it will come as no surprise to you, then, that our latest addition to the Oversized Family is indeed discussing the best places to source these gems while keeping it sustainable. Read on to discover the seven most sought after baggy Wonders of the Wardrobe, along with three suggestions for places to start your search for each one.

So, we are looking for clothes which are certainly larger than your normal size, maybe an X-Large if you are a natural L, and lacking any trace of a descriptor such as ‘fitted’, ‘tapered’, ‘tailored’ or horror of horrors ‘slim fit’, but which will still appear to have enough shape and form to them to avoid an unwanted and rapid descent into uber-slouchy slobwear. Our recommended starting point for this, has to be the vintage rails crammed full of quality threads, which will tick all the boxes in the search for your collection of oversized beauts.

 Vintage oversized outfit

Where can I buy oversized clothes?

You can buy baggy clothes from anywhere by simply opting for one or two sizes up, a small size can be replaced by a recommendation Medium, for example, but that is not our main mission with this blog. Instead, we’re going to share with you seven specific wardrobe wonders that are incredibly effective when baggy, as well as some great sites and marketplaces where you can buy them. True to our motto of Shop smart, Shop sustainably, we will only be recommending sustainable options for you.

1. T-Shirts

A t-shirt can be repped alone, however it does not an outfit make, so here are some ideas for pairing up your oversized tee with other pieces of clothing:

  • Add an overlayer, such as over-shirt, denim jacket, oversized jacket, gilet or floating coat
  • Include an underlayer, such as a long-sleeved tee (the stripier the better)
  • Complement with a pair of wavy patterned or graphic bottoms, such as joggers, trackies, wide-legged trousers and bleached jeans
  • Combine with a pair of shorts, including loose fitting gym and swimwear varieties
  • Enter full vintage baggydom (oversized T PLUS oversized bottoms)
  • Check out our Oversized T-Shirt blog for more style tips.

Where to cop?

  1. Depop
  2. True Vintage
  3. Ragstock


vintage oversized t-shirt

2. Sweatshirts

Baggy sweatshirts really are a thing of great beauty, and with the secondhand designs widely (no pun intended!) available these days, nobody need ever grow tired of their wonderfully easy-going and longlasting companion. We love an oversized college sweat in particular, proudly declaring our appreciation of the educational institution or varsity sports team miles from home. Like the humble T-Shirt above, the oversized sweatshirt can be mixed and matched with its accompanying companions in so many ways – it really is an adaptable player which will serve the wearer and the planet well!

Where to cop?

  1. Domno Vintage
  2. Asos marketplace
  3. Linear Vintage


vintage baggy sweatshirts

3. Jeans

vintage jeans win hands down when it comes to choosing an oversized item to have in your bottom (literally!) drawer! Even if you cannot track down an authentic Y2K pair of wide-legged denims, the vintage sites will not disappoint with their options of 90s relaxed style Carhartt and Levi’s leading the way. Wear the baggy fit with a belt so as not to completely sacrifice your shape and form to the baggy style and make sure you don’t trip yourself up (literally!) by ignoring your accompanying footwear which can serve to hold up the length if turn-ups don’t suffice – experiment to see which style shoe or boot works best for you in baggy jeans look: bulky or ballet – make sure your choices complement each other rather than jar.

Where to cop?

  1. FabbFashion
  2. Rokit
  3. Beyond Retro  


Vintage Baggy Jeans

4. Denim Jackets

An oversized denim jacket is defo one of those items which needs a friend working closely alongside. However, the style of the jacket itself is no less important, and make sure you have tracked down a good vintage number, where signs of wear and tear can only serve to further enhance rather than diminish it. Anything made from denim is a workhorse, be it shirt, shorts or jeans, and the jacket is no exception. Here are some of our suggestions once you’ve found your oversized number:

  • Wear it with a floating fit vintage cotton dress and lace-up boots
  • Style it with a plain or striped shirt, and straight-legged trousers
  • Complement with a vest top and a pair of vibrant bottoms, including cargo trousers and shorts
  • Dress it with a crisp white shirt, in correct or oversized fit
  • Pop on a cosy knitted jumper first for a practical as well as pleasingly aesthetic look
  • Go double denim – yes, you know we love this!

Where to cop?

  1. Thrifted
  2. Levi’s second hand
  3. Depop


Vintage denim jackets

5. Shirts

‘Tuck your shirt in!’, ‘Do your top button up!’, ‘Shirt sleeve order, today!’, ‘Roll your sleeves up!’ So many commands for the poor little old humble shirt to deal with. But no, we are here to release this wonder and allow it to fly high and unrestricted in the oversized outfit stakes. There really is no need to worry about how to rep this larger than normal item of choice! A shirt, both long and short sleeved, is every bit as versatile as its best mate, the tee, and you can choose how to style it for you in oversize mode.

Options include combining your shirt with a contrasting underlayer tee, adding a bold and edgy jacket, tucking the ends into cargo shorts (your choice, no command to do so!) or out-there skinny bottoms, adding a windbreaker or puffer jacket on top, or just popping on some accompanying subtle legwear, before allowing your shirt to fly solo, tails and all, taking the credit for itself.

Where to cop?

  1. North Workshop
  2. Gully Garms
  3. Thrift+

 Vintage oversized shirts

6. Tracksuit bottoms

The joys of wearing loose fitting trackie Bs are rarely underestimated by anybody who has lounged and chilled away many a happy hour uninhibited by the strictures of fittings and fastenings attached to their bottom layer. Tracksuit bottoms come in an awesome array of shapes and sizes, so check out the 90s style numbers as well as the more recent 00s designs to spot subtle differences. A pair (or two) of oversized sweatpants are perhaps the easiest item on this list to rep. Any excess material in the length can be readily taken care of with the addition of a chunky retro trainer, and any excess width is soon gathered in generously by the trusty elastic or drawstring closing, which are both cleverly designed to look after all girths. My friends, deliver yourself into the beauty and comfort of a roomy pair of Adidas tracksuit bottoms, a Kappa pair of poppers or a stylish pair of deluxe Ralph Laurens. The challenge will be to revert to a normal sized style again!

Where to cop?

  1. Pangaia
  2. Etsy
  3. Asos Marketplace

 Vintage tracksuit bottoms

7. Hoodies

We’re opting for a sports branded (Umbro, Timberland to name but two examples) hoodie for this wonder, and with so many vintage numbers in circulation, you really will be spoilt for choice. You could go for an old style Nike Blue Ribbon or Reebok garm from any one of the many long gone-by eras, or perhaps you favour a plumptious Puma or cuddlicious Champion hoodie to lay down your statement of intent as you go about your daily business oozing self-belief and contentment. One thing you can be confident of with a vintage pre-loved hoodie, is that you will certainly prove your individuality wherever you travel. The joy of vintage really is the unique nature of each item, so chances of getting caught out with a fellow wearer is hugely reduced, if not eliminated at one stroke.

Where to cop?

  1. Ricks Retro
  2. 97th Vintage
  3. Domno Vintage

 Vintage oversized hoodie

Why dress oversized?

One of the best things about dressing in an oversized outfit, is the fact that it looks undeniably super cool, as well as somewhat out there and edgy. An oversized outfit, or even one item (choose from the seven wonders listed here), adds an air of sophistication and wonderfully enables the wearer to style their own unique unisex look – it is this somewhat ambiguous and indie dressing style we are aiming for you to capture when you throw on a vintage oversized piece (or two). 

Oversized clothes are trending high these days, as these outfits are casual but still give a fresh look – even vintage designer wear is available, so those seeking a key brand, such as Burberry or Moncler for their clothes, can still find it in the vintage section. In fact, vintage oversized clothes are really popular, as they give a classy and elegant finish with comfort deeply ingrained. No need to buy new – it’s all out there waiting for you already!

It is worth noting that oversized clothes as a style, do require some putting together and carrying off, so you don’t emerge drowning in your capacious clothing and hard to find in among the swarming layers of cloth. Look to our blog on how to style an oversized T-shirt for ideas of how you can carry off this look effectively. A little effort goes a long way to rescue cosy comfy outfits from the realms of ‘where have you gone?’ apparel.

Has oversized always been a thing?

Oversized clothing as a fashion trend can be traced back to generations earlier, especially since the introduction of the term ‘teenager’ into the lexicon in 1954. Loose flowing robes were part of the anti-establishment and anti-materialist youth culture of the 60s. Flower power with its idealistic hopes for world harmony needed its own statement dress code – or lack of it. Think 1967 summer of love, 70s punk culture and the cry for baggy trousers back in the 80s, with the continuing journey on to embrace 90s grunge and hip-hop culture with its full baggy ensembles, and further on to larger sweatshirts and wide-legged jeans in Y2K days, leading seamlessly on to streetwear, then pandemic athleisure, where loose-fitting comfortable clothes were all the rage. It’s hard to argue that there is anything new about the Baggy Style which has been repped by many a former generation in its own way to reflect the zeitgeist. The longevity of this oversized style goes to prove there really is no limit to the items you can rock which are not your traditional size, and there are no barriers to the items you too can wear ‘BIG’ today. 

How do I rep the baggy style?

We’ve got loads of info as to how best to showcase these baggy items once purchased, so please take a look at our two blogs about capturing the baggy and oversized style, Oversized Outfits and How to Wear How to wear Oversized T-Shirts.


We really hope this look into where best to source these Seven Wonders of the Oversized Wardrobe has inspired you to start searching yourself. We reckon it is always worth staying close to home initially for any clothing request, so suggest you negotiate some borrowing rights from the more generously proportioned family members and friends in your circle, which will suit the look you are creating perfectly.

The quality of the oversized item is paramount to its success, and that is where vintage numbers really do come into their own. A heavy retro sweatshirt will hang far better on you than its flimsy modern counterpart, however you style it. An additional bonus of the pre-loved garm, is that it will not shrink the first time you wash it and destroy the look you have worked so hard to achieve at the first opportunity. Most retro items across the spectrum have been washed and washed again by their previous owner(s), so the item measurements you start with, are more likely than not, the same as those you will end up with the next time you break free in baggy style.